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The Breakfast of My Dreams in a Hotel

This posting is dedicated for participating into the competition organized by Rantapallo where you are asked to describe the breakfast of your dreams (which you either have already experienced or which you would like to experience). Mornings are my favorite time of the day when we are on a vacation. Kids are usually in a good mood, anxious and full of energy to start a new day with full of possibilities. They are ready to play as soon as they open their eyes. Hotel breakfasts are treats which we usually do not get to enjoy. It is not because we do not stay in hotels as we travel but because they are never actually designed for families with small children. If I could have 3 wishes, this is what I would change to make our mornings perfect.

1. The most important thing: Keep the kids in mind (and busy)
It seems that hotel managers are somehow forgetting that what the adults with small (under 5 years) kids desperately need is the possibility to actually enjoy your breakfast without I’m-bored-out-of-my-mind crying or I-have-nothing-to-do tantrums. The dream scenario for our children (1,5 and 3 year olds) would be that the children would have a play area (where there would be children their own age and toys which are interesting and safe) and a hostess to keep them happy while you are seated nearby (with a clear visibility to the target). And that the breakfast would be available as soon as the children wake up – usually at 6 am with high chairs and higher chairs.

2. Selection of foods: Fresh and made with love
I loooooove breakfast made by others. I, my husband or my children do not need a huge selection of things from all around the world. My dream would be to have especially fresh bread and fruits plus something new on every day that you are spending in the hotel. It could be a very small thing but it would make every morning exciting. Most importantly, hotels please, do not offer children a sugar-and-fat-filled-kids-morning-buffet. I know hotels mean well but nobody enjoys kids on high on sugar.

3. Athmosphere: Take all the time you need and enjoy
Travelling with small children means that you are on the go at least 12 hours every day. So when you have a possibility to start it off in a peaceful athmosphere, it goes a long way. It is a time for loading your batteries for the day.

So what this adds up to is: Sitting and reading your newspaper with a nice cup of tea or fruit juice in front of a beautiful scenery with the playarea in sight – aaaahhh…

Lovely view for a lovely breakfast

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