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Sabah, Malaysia

This post might be my personal favourite one because I’m very proud of all the photos in. So in these last three weeks I’ve been diving, exploring jungles and watching Netflix while being sick. My last week was completely ruined because I wasn’t able to do any of the things that I had planned to do but I knew that my health comes first and I need to be able to take the long flight back home. So I just stayed in my hostel room for few days and went through some seasons of different series.

But other than that I truly enjoyed Sabah. I did my OW & AOW in Mabul (Link of the diving company in the end of the post). Doing my diving license was one of the biggest things I’ve done on my travels because it had been on my mind for such a long time. In Sabah I saw sharks, turtles, an eagle ray, orangutans, proboscis monkeys and crocodiles. I found cheap rotti and had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I made new friends and noticed that Malaysian people are one of the nicest people I had met on my travels.

I’m going to say this again but yeah, I will definitely come back to this place. At least to dive.


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Kinabatangan River

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So today is my last day in Asia. End of my travels. I really can’t believe it. I’ve had so many twisted feelings about today and next few days. From sadness to joy and from anxious to excitement. I have been sad because it’s time to say goodbye for travelling for a while now. I’ve been anxious because I really don’t know when I’m going to travel again and also because I’m not sure how everything will go in Finland. But mostly I’ve been happy.

I’m going to have so many new things going on in Finland which I just can’t wait to happen but I’m also excited about all the old things. I can’t wait to hug my best friends, my grandma and my dog again. I can’t wait to drive a car and get my drunk friends back home at 5am. I can’t wait to eat all the food I’ve been missing. Skiing, going to sauna, dancing to Finnish pop songs, complaining to my mum about pointless stuff, watching ice hockey in a bar, driving a snowmobile and talking with old people in the supermarket. I will see my home in a different way than before and I hope that I will enjoy it in a new better way now.


Big John Scuba


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Laos is definitely one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to. I only had two weeks there but next time I will spend a whole month there for sure. I missed the mountains up north and I maybe spent too much time in Vang Vieng (cool party place) and 4000 islands (best place to just chill) but in the other hand, I had the best time in both places. I met cool people, had excellent naps in a hammock and ate the best fried rice of my life. Mangos were fresh, beer was cold and whiskey was free. Sunsets were the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen, blue lagoons were best places to refresh and high mountains amazed me everyday.

After Laos I took a night bus to Thailand and spent a couple of days with my girls in Bangkok. It seems like I always have a lot of fun with these ones and it’s crazy to say this about them but they are one of my best friends even though I’ve only known them for three months now. Non of us know when or where we are going to meet next time but no worries! There will be a next time with new crazy stories.

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At the moment I’m in Singapore. I only have a couple of days here but unfortunately I’m sick and therefore I don’t any other photos but one selfie from here.. Anyways this is a cool place and I have to come back here when I’m feeling more human.

I only have 18 days left but oh boy there is still a lot to happen!

Next stop: Malaysia


By the way my snapchat is molomari if you are wondering. We shall be friends there.