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I have to admit that I’ve been just super lazy. On the past couple of months I’ve been trying to find excuses not to write this post because I knew it was going to take so long. “Naah I’m going out tonight, nah I like to eat now, nah I’m gonna see my girls now blaahblaahblaah” But finally I found myself time!

This one I wrote up in the sky on my way to Philippines when my traveling buddy was sleeping next to me. Enjoy the flight!

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Where should I begin? Should I tell you guys how I made friends for a lifetime. Should I tell you that I had a best month in my entire life. Or should I tell how I was just feeling happy every day when I woke up in a hostel to clean bathrooms.

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I made a really good friend in Wanaka when I was there for the first time. She was wwoofing in this one cute hostel with an amazing atmosphere. I decided on that moment when she told me what she was doing that I just simply have to come back to this place. One reason was that I really liked this girl and I also loved that small town. After my family trip to North Island (about which I will write a post someday as well) I came back to Wanaka.

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So I found myself cleaning hostel toilets every morning. But the weird thing about it was that I wasn’t pissed at all. I needed to work only 2,5 hours a day. I didn’t need to spend my money on an apartment. And I was living with heaps of cool backpackers and other wwoofers. And because the work started always at 10am I was also able to go out every now and then (read: everyday).

2016-02-04 11_Fotor Snapchat-7023493520143414161 IMG_7451_Fotor 20160201_152616_Pano_Fotor

One biggest reasons why I love Wanaka is the lake. I literally have hundreds of pictures of it and everyday I spend so much time by the lakeside. And if I didn’t go there I felt so guilty that sometimes I found myself there in the middle of night. Best memories of Wanaka happened there. My first summer birthday, jet skiing, swimming, skinny dipping, all the crazy shit and those times when we were just listening music there and talking.

skydive-wanaka-nz117 Snapchat-4294070915084472664 Snapchat-4526041204164598553 Snapchat-2325018065202727948 IMG_7518_Fotor IMG_7213 Snapchat-2193384853584351097 20160108_154953 IMG-20160209-WA0018

People make the place special. Girls. You are one of my very best friends and I know that we will meet again. I was able to spend my last days in New Zealand with you guys and I couldn’t feel luckier. Du Plessis and Guises. It was so nice to meet you guys also. As now I’m on my way to new exciting adventures in Southeast Asia I’m still missing Wanaka. It was a place that felt like home for the first time in 6 months. Maybe this is just homesickness.  But I’ll get over it and I know that I will come back there. Not maybe this year but someday. I just have to.

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At the moment I’m in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Some cool posts are coming soon!

Matterhorn South Lodge and BBH

Skydive Wanaka

From Wanaka To Christchurch

WanakaIMG_5809_Fotor 2015-12-22 08.39.45 1 IMG_5833_Fotor IMG_5868 IMG_5900 IMG_5972_Fotor IMG_5967_Fotor IMG_5812_Fotor20151218_190247IMG_6000_Fotor IMG_5998_Fotor IMG_5985_Fotor IMG_6010_Fotor Hitchhiking from Wanaka to Christchurch (almost 500km)20151219_160653IMG_6042_Fotor 2015-12-22 08.39.49 1 IMG_6056 IMG_6052Christchurch Botanic Gardens and a summer marketIMG_6206_Fotor IMG_6199_Fotor IMG_6148_Fotor IMG_6185_Fotor IMG_6106_Fotor IMG_6102_FotorIMG_6240_FotorIMG_6238_FotorIMG_6245_FotorAs you can see my December is quite different compared to all the past years in Finland. In my home country and also in most European countries, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th so this is actually my first Christmas eve alone. (I’m flying to Auckland tomorrow morning and then I’m going to spend my night in an 8 bed dorm..) But I’m lucky because I can spend my Christmas day and 9 days after that with my family. They are finally coming to New Zealand and they will see why I love this country so much. I’m feeling so lucky. Merry Christmas to you all. (I’m not going to blog for a while because I want to enjoy the time with my family as much as I can.) xx

Mun joulukuu on siis täysin erilainen. Ei lunta, jouluruokaa, suomalaisia ihania joululauluja ja lahjarumbaa, mutta toisaalta, vaikka nuo asiat ovatkin sellaisia, joita rakastan yli kaiken, en voisi olla onnellisempi. Mun perhe saapuu Uuteen-Seelantiin 25 päivä eli sinä päivänä, jolloin täällä joulua juhlitaan. Koen olevani onnekas, vaikka jouluaaton vietänki yksin ensimmäistä kertaa ikinä. Yövyn Aucklandissa hostellissa kaheksan hengen huoneessa, mutta silti en haluais olla missään muualla ku tässä maassa elämäs tätä elämää.

Haluun toivottaa teille kaikille ihanaa joulua. Nauttikaa jouluhössötyksestä ja perinteistä, koska olo ilman niitä on kaikkea muuta kuin jouluinen. Erilainen joulu mulla tosiaan, mutta silti tänä vuonna saan parhaimman lahjan ikinä. Kiitos äiti, että oot niin mahtava. (Blogia en päivitä nyt vähään aikaan, koska aion nauttii mahollisimman hyvin ajasta, jonka saan perheeni kanssa viettää)

2015-12-22 04.39.42 2All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.