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huhtikuu 2016

Vietnam just in two weeks

So my travel through Vietnam was quite intense. I spend over 50 hours in different buses, ate street food at least 3 times a day and the traffic tried to kill me several times everyday. Before I went to this country I knew that I will come back someday and Yes I still think that way. There is something special in Vietnam or maybe I’m just too passionate about their food. You are able to see the history in the nature, places and people. But you can also see the future in this country and how it’s developing all the time.

Ho Chi Minh City

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Cat Tien National Park

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Nha Trang

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Hoi An

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I have totally lost my small cooking skills in Asia because I haven’t cooked here at all. The crazy thing about Asia that with 5€ in Finland I can buy an afternoon coffee and a bun but here it’s my daily budget for food. But I have to say that Vietnamese food really inspired me. One of the most interesting things I did in Vietnam was a vegetarian cooking class which I took in Hoi An. It felt just perfect to me and even though I’m not that into cooking, for sure I will try those recipes when I’m back in Finland. Vietnamese is my all time favourite!

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My favourite place was a small village next to Sapa. I met Do, a Vietnamese girl who has lived her whole life there. She showed me to her home, cooked me food on top of a bonfire and made me wear her family’s traditional costume. Her home was more like a shed not a house and they had a small garden behind the house. Her home was almost on top of the mountain and the view was just amazing. Her life was small but even though it was small she was one of the happiest people I’ve ever met.

She is definitely one of the reasons why I want to go back to this country. And I promised her that next time I will come with a friend (she’s expecting a boyfriend but I told her that I’m trying to avoid that happening as well as I can).

I also had the best tofu ever in my homestay! It was so fresh and the sauce with it was just perfect. The girl who made it was called Mari as well. I remember places because of people and food because they both just make the best memories.

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I wrote this one in a hammock in 4000 islands at 10pm. At the moment I’m spending my last days in Laos and soon starting my last month of traveling. And thoughts are more than messy. I already want see my friends and have good time with them but at the same time I’m also terrified. Going back to Finland will be a shock to myself and also to my wallet. I will probably freeze to death at the airport and everyone will be scared of me when I’m wearing my elephant pants in public. But no worries I’m still positive. Finland will be some kind of adventure if I want it to be so.

I don’t know did someone notice it but I stopped writing my posts in Finnish because it takes me double time and in Asia I just simply don’t have it. It is also easier for me to write in English because I use it more daily and I think more in English than in Finnish here.. And this is one of my ways to improve my English as well. I’ll probably go back on both languages when I’m back in Finland and I’m having my Finnish mode on again.

But other than that I go now and order a watermelon shake and enjoy the sunset from this hammock.