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maaliskuu 2016

Philippines (Banaue and Palawan)

Our next destination was Philippines which we both were just super excited about but also nervous because we actually didn’t have any clue what kind of country it is. Only thing we knew was just that it would be a heck of an adventure. And our start for the trip was also one of a kind event…

Before we arrived to Philippines we had small troubles with our flights. Our flight from Denpasar to Jakarta was an hour late. So when we arrived to Jakarta our flight to Manila had already started boarding and the check-in was closed. We missed our flight and the internet at the airport was just shitty. But luckily our friend saw Jannas snapchat about our small issue and called us instantly. He booked us new flights and we did a little trip at Singapore airport. Our friend is genuinely the best. Kiitos Jasu viel kerran.

IMG_8260_Fotor IMG_8265_Fotor IMG_8295_Fotor IMG_8238_Fotor IMG_8287_Fotor

“Yeah we have 2 hours to go. No need to rush”

Well Manila was a little bit more than we expected. It was a crazy city. There were street children, guy selling water in the middle of a motorway and the traffic wasn’t moving. Our taxi was stuck in the traffic for almost two hours but we made it to the bus station.

What can I even say about those rice terraces. It was just beautiful, something unreal and also brutal. Clouds touching the mountains, jungles and an endless amount of terraces.  We saw people climbing higher and higher to their working places or their homes. We noticed the very presence of poverty instantly as well. These people who worked on those terraces earned small money time to time but not every day and you could never ask anyone in Finland to work such a physical work.

Philippines is a poor country. But the strange thing about poor people is that usually they are happier than people in my home town where people just have more than they need.

IMG_8301_Fotor IMG_8436_Fotor IMG_8456_Fotor IMG_8432_Fotor IMG_8350_Fotor IMG_8526_Fotor

We came back to Manila from the terraces and caught a flight to Puerto Princesa. At first we were thinking about traveling from Northern Palawan to down South of the Island but when we went to El Nido the first thing we were thinking was “I don’t actually mind staying here the whole week”. Palawan was beach, beer (of course) and parties. We also met some hilarious Finnish guys there and had great time with them (pietetään sit reunionit ja verestetää Fili-muistoi, ku kaikki ollaa taas Suomes!)

IMG_8534_Fotor IMG_8556_Fotor IMG_8580_Fotor IMG_8594_Fotor IMG_8618_Fotor IMG_8662_Fotor

Even though we enjoyed our time in El Nido we wanted to see something else and we took a boat to Coron island. We did some diving there which was one of the highlights on our trip. We were able to dive only once because our boat broke down but it didn’t matter. It was Jannas very first time and we saw bunch of cool fishes and luckily a turtle as well.  So actually our dive was excellent and we had the best instructor ever. We stayed on this island only for a couple of days and after that we took a flight back to Manila. At the airport I said Goodbye to this lovely girl when she took a flight to Finland and I flew to Vietnam.

IMG_8731_Fotor IMG_8695_Fotor IMG_8719_Fotor' IMG_8800_Fotor IMG_8584_Fotor

So my month with Janna was a success in many ways. We had the best time in Bali, we saw a turtle, we got tanned, we drank beer but still I have to say that the best thing about the whole trip was that now when I go back to Finland a new friend is waiting for me there. Before our trip we were good friends but traveling introduced me to this crazy girl in a completely new way. I can now say that she is one of my best friends and I truly love her. Until next time you silly girl!



Bus from Manila to Banaue rice terraces

A nice hostel where we stayed in El Nido. Cheap and nice staff.

Austria’s Place

I really recommend these guys. Our diving experience was just amazing.

Fun & Sun Coron



IMG_7754_Fotor IMG_7766_Fotor IMG_7777_Fotor IMG_7805_Fotor IMG_7809_Fotor IMG_7854_Fotor IMG_7859_Fotor IMG_7861_Fotor IMG_7885_Fotor IMG_7891_Fotor IMG_7908_Fotor IMG_7911_Fotor IMG_8149_Fotor IMG_8153_Fotor IMG_8166_Fotor IMG_8163_Fotor IMG_8169_Fotor IMG_8175_Fotor IMG_8179_Fotor IMG_8200_Fotor IMG_7951_Fotor IMG_7692

So I wanted to keep my post from Bali pretty simple just because internet is full of blog posts from there. If you want to know where these photos are taken or want to know some tips just comment below.

I have to say that our time there was pretty awesome.