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Travel Thursday: Bucket List Part 2

So it´s time for other half of my bucket list :):). Here we go.

51. Go to giving trip with Toms.

52. Make a trip with travel bloggers.

53. Record rap music in California with local artists.

54. As long as I live Finland spend at least two weeks in warm country during the winter (every year).

55. Go to Spanish speaking country and learn the language.

56. Visit all the countries in Southeast Asia.

57. Find the best cafe in Copenhagen.

58. Visit Croatia.

59. Get to know people in Oslo (I don’t know any)

60. Spend Christmas in North Finland.

61. Visit Taiwan.

62. Visit important historical places in Jerusalem.

63. Bora Bora

64. Take pictures all around Japan and get inspiration for home decorating.

64. Visit Alaska.

65. Travel around UK.

66. Travel from London to Paris by train.

67. See the sunrise in the Cape Town.

68. Help my friend to build surf hostel.

69. Visit Saudi Arabia


70. Do charity project in Africa.

71. Spend at least one month in Canada.

72. Visit Ayers Rock (Australia).

73. See Taj Mahal.

74. Do some human rights project in Bangladesh.

75. Holiday in Maldives.

76. Visit Cape Verde.

77. Write articles for magazines in many countries.

78. Roadtrip through Sweden.

79. Visit Six Flags amusement park (USA)

80. Experience London eye and Singapore flyer.

81. Work against sex trafficking in Cambodia.

82. Have a date in Sirocco bar (rooftop bar in BKK with amazing riverview).

83. Go to ST Petersburg and survive with my Russian language only.

84. Adopt a child (maybe from Asia).

85. Okay, I need husband before adopting ;). I would love multicultural family <3<3.

86. Travel around India.

87. Visit every state in USA.

88. Go to traveling fair any country outside Finland.

89. Attend graffiti run. (USA)

90. Do outlet shopping in Milan.

91. See as many beautiful beaches around the world as I can.

92. Fiji.

93. See sunrise over the pyramids.

94. Find best beaches of Brazil.

95. Write a book in English.

96. Spend honeymoon in ”once in the lifetime place” where I would never visit for any other reason.

97. Skydive anywhere.

98. Meet my online friends in USA.

99. See the most beautiful sunset of the world.

100. Oh well. What if I can’t make all my dreams come true? What if none of them will come true? I think it’s pretty healthy dream big and have goals in life. But it’s quite unhealthy if one is so obsessed with personal dreams that he/she forgets other people and those who suffer in the world. I don’t know what my future holds (but I know the One who holds my future). From the bottom of my heart I can say that I can live amazing life without compliting anything on this list. And if I have privilege to make any of these come true I feel so amazed and blessed that words are not enough. I think this listing has helped me to plan my future. If you think it could be useful also for you I recommend to do this :).



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Instagram Travel Thursday -My Bucket List


Hello world. It´s time for Instagram Travel Thursday. This time I´m gonna write my post in English, because this is about my (traveling/world related) bucket list and I actually wrote that only in English at first hand. This time I start with my first 50 dreams and next time I finish my list. Here we go.

1. Volunteer with Dream Center  Los Angeles.

2. RTW (Round the world trip).

3. Go to the airport and pick some random flights without planning.

4. Participate Bollywood movie shooting in Mumbai.

5. Stay night at Marina Bay Singapore and enjoy the sunset at the pool.

6. Meet my sponsored child again (she lives in BKK).

7. Help victims of human trafficking in Thailand.

8. Marry the man of my life (whoever he is) at the beach. Bare foots. Sunset.

9. Visit Kilpisjärvi.

10. Roadtrip through USA (Route 66).

11. Participate Hollywood movie shooting in LA.

12. Live in California.

13. Surf in South Africa.

14. Write a book abroad.

15. Eat sushi in Tokyo.

16. Chill on the beach in Philippines.

17. Visit East gallery in Berlin.

18. Eat cupcake in Mangolia Bakery NY.

19. Take selfie pic in front of Golden gate SF.

20. Eat Michelin start restaurant in Hong Kong.

21. Visit Barbados.

22. Take a tattoo in High Voltage Tattoo (LA).

23. Get a job which includes traveling.

24. Live in Sydney.

25. Live at the beach house (any country)


26. Visit Moscow.

27. Visit some unknown city in Russia.

28. Visit at least three big cities in China.

29. Do Caribbean cruise.

30. Relax at hot spring in Reykjavik.

31. Work in London.

32. Visit beach in Mombasa.

33. Make a roadtrip around Estonia.

34. Take a photo of Petronas Towers (KUL)

35. Do any project for A21 campaign.

36. Stay week in a famous tourist spot and try to find unknown and interesting sides of the place.

37. Visit Asia with my family (parents and bros)

38. Go to Paris fashionweek.

39. Spend Christmas abroad.

40. Do some extreme stuff in New Zealand.

41. Skate in Portland.

42. Visit Hawaii and watch surf competition.

43. Eat the best pasta of my life in Italy.

44. Have a conversation with local person in Bangkok (in Thai language)

45. Swim in Dead sea.

46. Go on a holiday without Internet.

47. Take pics of the coolest graffiti in Barcelona.

48. Travel around Australia.

49. Learn to like Delhi.

50.  Do documentary film abroad.

So that was it. Next time more. Have a nice day! I try to wake up now and go to work. I´m scared of that cold weather here. But hey, only 8 months and summer is here again ;).

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