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Sentosa Island Singapore

sn palmutWhen you visit Singapore and wanna spend your day with crazy activities, or simply by chilling at the beach, Sentosa island is a great choice. You can reach the island by taking MRT to Harbour Front. From there you can take cable car, train, bus or boardwalk to the destination. I preferred walking and once tested cable car.

sn logos hope

sn mustavalkocablecar

sn merlion

Sentosa offers lot to do. And if you travel with money, there are 5 star hotels available. If you are not staying one of those fancy places, there are still some chances to feel the atmosphere. One possibility is to attend ”Endless summer” pool party at W Hotel. I think their venue looks simply stunning (check their www). That place have some California vibes. Though I´ve never visited California :D.

First thing that comes to mind when thinking of Sentosa is not silence, but as you can see -It is possible to find nice and quiet areas for relaxing!

sn calm beach

sn beachview

sn häkkyrä

When traveling with kids, you just can´t skip Sentosa. It´s like never-ending playground with.. everything you can imagine. this cool waterpark.

sn vesip 2
sn vesip

sn waterparkUniversal Studios (amusement park) is great for kids also -but only with express pass! With this pass you can skip the regular line, which can be 1 hour or even 1,5 hour long to one attraction. It´s not nice to queue the whole day =/. k

sn universal

sn universal kid

sn mustavalkominä

One of the most interesting places is Wave House Sentosa at Siloso beach. If you are surfer, you need to catch some waves there. The most courageous thing I did there was taking pictures, hah. I´m dreaming about surfing some day, but at the moment it´s.. well, just a dream. But I loved this place.

sn surffisimulaattori

sn whouse

sn wave kids

There are three beaches at Sentosa, so I think everyone will find their own favourite spot and favourite attraction.

sn luke

There is megazip. There is underwater world. There is iFly. And there is so much more. You can check out this webpage to get more information. And by the way, when ladies are scared of heights in Cable car, they look like this:

sn cabl car girls

Good weather is recommended when you visit Sentosa. I was blessed with the most amazing weather during my visit, so it was easy to enjoy.

Keep calm and visit Sentosa.

It´s worth it.





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