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tammikuu 2012

IG Travel Thursday: London love




10 things I love in London:

1. Street art in Shoreditch
2. Feeling of being in Asia (in some parts of the city)
3. Tube
4. Hillsong Church
5. River
6. The weather
7. Red buses
8. Parks
9. Iconic buildings
10. Food!
11. Polite people

10 things I hate in London:

1. Tube
2. The weather
3. Rush
4. Suicides on the Tube tracks
5. Prices
6. Distance
7. The rain
8. Apartments
9. Expensive education
10. Too many Starbuckses

Hey did you see, the positive list won! Haha. Many times you can just make a decision, which attitude rules you. Sometimes same things can be good and bad at the same time. I’ve chosen to love London though things in that city are not anywhere near perfect. What are your favourite cities and why? I wanna fall in love with so many new cities in the future.

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IG Travel Thursday: Fear not

One of my New Year resolutions could be writing better IG Travel Thursday posts. I don’t know why Thursday is like.. Always! 😀
And now it’s already Friday, so this is my Thursday-Friday post. I planned yesterday to post about the theme ”Fear not.” And what happened: I was so freaking scared last night that I couldn’t sleep at all. I cried and stayed awake almost the whole night. Oh well. I think I still need to write about this subject -and maybe read this text also!


This pic shows how I often watch life. I’ve gone through so many hard things -and I have such a hard season at the moment, that I don’t expect anything good to happen. Relationships fail, healthy fails, financies fail, travels fail.. And finally I find myself for thinking that this is everything life has to offer. Wrong. My past is always there, but it still has nothing new to say. I can choose to not listen to it anymore.

The main reason I’ve skipped some trips is fear. Fear of so many things. I mean, it is healthy to be careful and make wise choices..but it is not healthy to let fear rule your life. It is worst leader you could ever imagine.

That picture above is taken in Bangkok. Before that shot I experienced earthquake and motorcycle accident. After that pic our train killed man, and I watched his dead body. In that trip I felt peace in my heart anyway. I felt that there is a reason for a season and I don’t have to be afraid. I wish I could remember and adopt those feelings and stop this neverending worrying.

I mean, I have life to live. And by the way, you have also :)!


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