Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

Every sunset is event

al palmu

al bkk

al munkki

al kasvotal kohlanta

It’s crazy how beautiful thing the sun is. It’s crazy how much money I’m willing to spend only to see the sunlight during the dark months of the winter. It’s crazy how I never get bored when I’m just staring the sun going down. It’s crazy how I checked already weeks ago what time sun goes down on 9th of November and then I booked a table in the restaurant with the view over London city. It’s crazy how I start to cry when I only look these pictures above.

At the moment I’m thinking how many people enjoy today the most beautiful sunset they’ve ever seen? How many of them won’t see the new dawn tomorrow? How many of them felt happy and loved today? How many of them say their prayer for better tomorrow? How many of them go to sleep without knowing will they eat tomorrow?

I’m thinking how I will feel during the very last sunset of my life. I pray God that whenever that happens I’m ready and I can say I lived purpose-driven life, life filled with love, laugh and the most amazing adventures. I pray that I can tell with smile on my face that I was the richest girl alive and it has nothing to do with money.

I still wanna see many many sunsets that will take my breath away.

You can write the most beautiful songs and paint most amazing paintings but you can’t ever beat how beautiful our world itself is. Without any filters.



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