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All the Continents

The blog ”All the Continents” is based on our trip around the world and our goal to visit all the seven continents. Before the trip we’ve already been to Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. During this trip we want to visit those continents that we’ve never been to before, South America, Antarctica and Australia. We’re leaving on June 28 and plan to be traveling for a year.

This blog is meant to inform our friends and relatives of where we are and how we’re doing. We hope that the blog also helps those who are planning on doing a trip like this or just want some information about different countries to visit.

The Route

The first destination of our trip is Reykjavik, Iceland. Looks like it’s going to be the only place in Europe that we go. From Iceland we’re heading to North America, then down to Central America, South America and Antarctica. After Antarctica we’re coming back to South America. Then we either fly straight to Australia or New Zealand or fly to South Africa, spend some time there and then fly to Australia / New Zealand. After visiting Australia and New Zealand it’s time to go to Asia, where we’re going to spend the last four months of our trip.

This is just a rough plan and may change during the trip. At this point we haven’t even made very exact plans for South America, Australia and Asia. We’ve written down some interesting places and attractions to visit of each country, though.