Breakfast Is Served At Noon, Right?

sunriseSunrise somewhere in Finland.

Morning. That means breakfast, right? And if you’re feeling decadent, maybe you’d go for a second breakfast, too! Unfortunately, I’m not a morning person and that means I’m not a breakfast person, either. A night owl that I am, I lack a clear day to day rhythm and more often than not, my mornings are afternoons and my nights, well, mornings. Even if I have to wake up early, I prefer to go without breakfast or have it super light (an apple in a hurry, perhaps). My digestive system just isn’t ready for hearty meals that early!

UntitledHere’s my typical breakfast on the go… 

Then again, when I’m travelling, I choose to eat breakfast. Sightseeing is hard work, so I recognise the need for an early energy boost! If I’m working on a tour, getting food regularly isn’t always guaranteed (because, you know, work comes first), so breakfast is an easy way to prepare for the long evenings. And hey, tour breakfasts are served usually around 11am, so that suits me more than well!

UntitledTour breakfast @ Byscenen in Trondheim, Norway.

Considering these points, I’m not too fussy with my breakfasts. In fact, for an ideal hotel breakfast I have only two criterions: flexibility and it being appropriate for the occasion. 

During my travels, I’ve experienced everything from a 5 star hotel breakfasts to make-your-own breakfasts at hostels. Since nowadays I’m mostly budget travelling, the most common breakfast I receive in my accommodations tends to be uninspiring and lacking in nutritions: croissants, white toast and cereal with juice and coffee. Rather wheat and grain heavy, and pretty sugary, too! Not that I’d be super thrilled about buffet breakfasts either – but let’s not get into that just now.

UntitledMy kind of breakfast: oatmeal with red & black currant. 

Going back to my two criterion, flexibility and appropriateness – these are really the only two things I’m looking for in a good breakfast. With flexibility I mean service. Let’s say I need to catch a morning train at 5:50 but my accommodation starts serving breakfast at 6. That’d be a problem for me (well, of course I could shop for food beforehand) but in an ideal situation, I could arrange something with my host. Maybe a little breakfast pack left at the reception? This has actually happened a couple of times and worked out good! Thumbs up for great service!
How about the other end? It often so happens that hotels and what-nots stop serving breakfast way too early for my schedule, say around 10am. I know it’s mostly my problem but again, in an ideal situation I could get me some breakfast all day long!

UntitledYummy breakfast: Finnish pancakes w/ fresh strawberries and blueberries & vanilla ice cream. 

Appropriateness has to do with the ‘quality’ of the accommodation. This means I expect less from a motel breakfast than the breakfast served at a four star hotel, but in both, I’m looking to see quality. Ideally even low cost places would offer more than just wheat products filled with empty calories: Fresh eggs, fruits and porridge/muesli maybe. In fact, one of my favourite breakfasts was served in Madrid while on tour: apart from Spanish bakery items, they had a variety of breads and toppings and SMOOTHIES. Fresh smoothies made of fresh berries and fruit you could either make yourself or take one made by the staff just minutes before. Light, filled with good morning vibes, easy to ingest. Perfection!

UntitledTour breakfast to my liking: fresh smoothie, yoghurt, berries, muesli… and chocolate!

* * * * *
This post was made in response to Rantapallo’s blog challenge / competition titled “Unelmien hotelliaamiainen” (The hotel breakfast of dreams). One of the reasons I moved my blog under Rantapallo was the community, the inspiration it offers and the gentle pressure it puts on me as a blogger, so here goes! First challenge post. 

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