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Moments to remember 2016 – Part 2

Moi vain!

Pidemmittä puheitta asiaan. Tässä siis  vuoden 2016 muistoja blogin arkistoista. Nämä on heinäkuusta joulukuuhun.

/ / / Hi guys!

Here is the second part of the moments to remember from my blog archieve. These are from July to December!


DSC08468DSC08512DSC08501Camping in Noosa with these two.

DSC08549And breakfast by the ocean.

DSC09003DSC08956-2DSC08945Tourist at Gold Coast.

DSC08904DSC08837DSC08859Burleigh Heads with my favourites!

DSC08401-1DSC08412DSC08434-1DSC08384So many days and waves in Noosa.

DSC09086DSC08630AcroYoga in July!




DSC09948DSC09872DSC09729DSC09744DSC00026DSC09662DSC09586Generally enjoying my life on the coast!

DSC00195DSC00067I fell in love with longboarding, mainly thanks to my friend Edie! xx

DSC09614DSC09911Surf of course.

DSC09765DSC09774Peregian Originals!

DSC09707DSC09353DSC09308DSC0927614012733_10210416381272865_1335464777_oAugust was full of acrobatic fun!

DSC09468DSC09452We spent one day cruisin around at Noosa River!


DSC00409DSC00229DSC00905DSC00863DSC00841DSC00479DSC01124DSC00555My love for Sunshine Coast and the people just grew bigger with time!

DSC00726DSC00624DSC00431I enjoyed my favourite cafes, Velo Project and The Glass.

DSC00753DSC00738-2Markets were our tradition for almost every weekend. These photos are from Eumundi Markets, where I also worked couple of times!

DSC00704-2DSC00524I was longboarding heaps!

DSC00948DSC01040Buderim Falls at Sunshine Coast with my girls Frida and Hennu!

DSC00690DSC00681Miss you Michaela! <3

DSC00317DSC00342DSC00347DSC00281-1Visit to Brisbane with my girl Hennu for work and fun. We were couchsurfing with a group of fun guys!

DSC00634My backyard. <3


DSC01312DSC01352-1DSC01379DSC01327Last roadtrip to Byron Bay!

DSC01474DSC01533Obi Obi Creek, Sunshine Coast.

DSC01561Coffee moments in Noosa!

DSC01572DSC01647Pool days in Noosa with my Frida!

DSC01748We sold our car!

DSC01770And travelled to Tropical North Queensland!

DSC01844-1DSC01873-1DSC02169DSC02003DSC01930DSC02494DSC02431We were trying to see everyone and do all our favourite things before we have to leave Australia!

DSC02634DSC02595DSC02594At least Cosmina and Penny did good job looking sad, because we were leaving haha!

DSC02643Then I left Australia behind and travelled to Indonesia!

DSC02647DSC02703DSC02759First I travelled by myself, mainly staying in Canggu. I met this Finnish guy, who became my best surf buddy haha!

DSC03578I bought my first proper short board and started struggling with that haha!

DSC02831DSC02929-1DSC03201DSC03449DSC03507Then I met my best friends in Ubud and we travelled some together!

DSC03053DSC03874DSC02967DSC03032-1DSC03911I really loved Bali. Driving around with scooter, surfing and good food. I went to Canggu, Serangan, Ubud, Kuta, Uluwatu and Nusa Lembongan.


DSC02767DSC03566In the beginning of November I was still in Bali!

WIS_6968IMG_2027Got photographed by two Balinese photographers, @ryandii and @amiguitafilm a.k.a @wisputra. Two extreme talented guys, I hope to see you again! 

DSC04245I travelled to Phi Phi Islands, Thailand and started working as a snorkeling guide!

MICR1656Näyttökuva-2016-11-30-kello-23.18.20Colleen-116Colleen-37My days were and still are full of this. Not too bad!

DSC04193-1DSC04280This girl came to Thailand and I got to hang out with her (+ Rikke) for few days!


15321458_10154085329801404_111797657_oIMG_0471Got photographed by talented @hamishstubbs!

15491834_10211261903687519_1408957228_o15540516_10211261903087504_1933334855_oDSC04418 (1)DSC04475I became Open Water Diver with these girls!

DSC04526DSC04636DSC04663Met a lot of new people through my work!

DSC04550DSC04546Started my Advanced Open Water Diver with these guys! Was definitely unforgettable wreck dive haha!


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