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Moments to remember 2016 – Part 1

Uuden vuoden kunniaksi päädyin selailemaan läpi blogin arkistoja. Herkistyin. Monet muistot on jo ehtinyt jäädä taka-alalle, mutta mitä ihania muistoja ne onkaan. Kaikki ne hyvät ja huonot hetket, uudet ja vanhat ystävät, muiden kanssa jaetut muistot ja omat ajatukset. Niin paljon uusia kokemuksia. Itsensä ylittämistä. Toteutuneita unelmia. Vaikeita, kasvattavia aikoja. Miten kiitollinen oon silti ihan kaikista näistä kokemuksista, siitä heittäytymisestä minkä uskalsin tehdä. Opin kuuntelemaan omaa sydäntä enemmän kuin pääkoppaa. Ilman sitä, en olisi koskaan kokenut kaikkia näitä kokemuksia enkä tavannut näitä ihmisiä. 2016 oli mulle opettavainen vuosi. Tää vuosi jää mun muistoihin kirkkaana.

Tässä satunnaisia muistoja kuvien muodossa!

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I was browsing through my blog archieve to see what happened in 2016. I got all sentimental. So many amazing memories, even more amazing people. All the good and bad memories means more when you share them with people you truly care about. So many new experiences, overcoming many fears, all the dreams that came true. Also the difficult times. I’m so grateful for everything I experienced, everyone I met. I learned to listen to my heart even more. Without that, I would have never went through all these things. This year will be a shining star in my memories.

Here is some of the best moments of 2016!


DSC01287My year started at Woodford Festival while watching the first sun rays of 2016 with hundreds of others.

DSC01117My dear friend Jonna was visiting Australia.

DSC00665Mount Coolum with Jonna! <3

Clip-41-001DSC01403DSC02244Lots of surf and acro -related visits to Noosa!

DSC02002Climbing Mount Tibrogargan.

DSC01368Lots of beach BBQ’s with these amazing humans!

DSC01380DSC01773Then our friends from Finland, Joona and Aku arrived to Australia. Here we are showing some secret spots of Sunshine Coast for them!

DSC01928And trying to teach them some AcroYoga. Yeah, trying.

DSC01484DSC01762DSC01692DSC01590Generally enjoying of Australian summer. Ocean, beaches, waterfalls…

DSC02451Celebrating Australia Day by building a massive floating device to float around the Maroochy River. Finished the day with delicious food plus some drinks and cricket on the street.


DSC03135In the beginning of the year I met this girl. Frida from Sweden. It felt like we would have always known each others! We shared a common passion too:


DSC02784February was also full of surfing.

DSC03420And beaches. This here is Moffat Beach!

DSC03751DSC03715DSC03640DSC03515DSC03680Highlight of February, climbing and camping for few days at Brooyar State Forest!


DSC04214In March I met this surfer chick from Germany, Marie. We met when we moved into the same shared house. She woke me up before sunrise every morning to go surf. Love you! <3


DSC04078Visit to Brisbane with wifey!

IMG_5271DSC04821DSC04874DSC04924DSC05151-2We had some spontaneous roadtrips and surf missions to Byron Bay and…

DSC04723DSC04985DSC04772DSC04749-1DSC04743…and Gold Coast! I saw my first surf competion. 

DSC04437DSC04505In March I shaved my friend Kristin’s long hair. Was very emotional experience, even though we are laughing in the photo haha! She raised 4600 dollars for The Leukemia Foundation and donated her long hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. Love her! <3


DSC05625-2-1DSC05759DSC05935DSC06066DSC05786DSC06535DSC05895DSC05866Lot of hanging out with some awesome humans again! Usually something to do with either…

DSC05969DSC06179DSC06032…food or coffee….


DSC06250DSC06155DSC06530 (1)….or AcroYoga!


DSC07330DSC07296-1Thanks to this girl, most of my mornings started (very early) with this. Waking up at 5.30, watching the sunset in the water. Definitely moments to remember.

DSC06736DSC06773We enjoyed Sunshine Coast as much as we could. Beaches, surfing, nature and every second Sunday of the month: little music festival called Peregian Originals.

DSC06841DSC06848DSC06973I could never get bored with this nature.

DSC07364DSC07344Acro and music jams at Alex Wall, my home beach.

imageFell in love with paddleboarding too. No waves = paddle boards.

DSC07035-1AcroYoga was hard to miss in my blog!

DSC07181DSC07204DSC07120Another climbing trip to Brooyar!

DSC06089Alex Headland, was waking up to see this beach pretty much every morning!


13064644_10153598037372304_1017657015895010103_o13238908_1322790464414181_1228718364916749150_n13308292_10153609649317304_5202147940709676545_o13329572_10153518773392120_1811750240653779452_oTook part to few Ocean Tribe Australia -meetings. Full of girl power, surfing and yoga! Check out @oceantribeaustralia from Instagram.

DSC07614DSC07569World Environment Festival and my lovely roomie Mandula. Miss you! <3

DSC07669DSC07684Big swell came to my home beach and I watched it with my new buddy. Apparently it was cold?

DSC07693Coffee moments at her home beach, Maroochydore!

DSC07809DSC07826DSC07845Sneaky surf mission to Gold Coast to meet my favourite Mexicans!

DSC07952DSC08086-2DSC07967DSC08032Took part to one of the Great Acro Exchange in Brisbane. Was absolutely fantastic 3 days!

DSC08266We had Swedish midsummer haha!

DSC08139DSC08212-2Had to say goodbye to my roommate, soulmate, surfmate and everything mate, Marie. Our last sunrise together at Alex and last coffee at Velo Project.


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