The Last Lighthouse Walk

Heippa vaan kaikki!

Pieni radiohiljaisuus takana. Suunnattiin viime perjantaina kohti Byronia, ja tultiin hetki sitten takaisin Sunny Coastille. Oli ihana päästä jättämään hyvästit tälle pienelle hippikaupungille, joka oli meidän koti muutaman kuukauden ajan. Byron Bay merkitsee mulle paljon, opin paljon itsestäni ja mun unelmista, ihmissuhteista. Opin surffaamaan, ja mun rakkaus merta kohtaan kasvoin kasvamistaan. Opin päästämään irti perfektionismista joitain asioita kohtaan. Byron on uskomattoman kaunis paikka, jonne on helppo jumiutua. Meidän oli alunperin tarkoitus olla Byronilla vain kuukausi; lopulta päädyttiin lähtemään vasta neljän kuukauden päästä.

/ / / Hello hello everyone!

The blog was quiet, because I was just way too busy doing stuff. Plus I didn’t have Wi-Fi either haha! We drove down to Byron on last Friday, just to say goodbye to this beautiful, hippie-surf-town. Byron was our home for four months, and this place means a lot to me. I learned a lot about myself and my dreams, hopes, about relationships. I learned to surf, and my obsession for the ocean grew bigger and bigger. I learn to let go of too much perfectionism for some things. It reminded me to live for the moments, because that’s what they are, just a little seconds and minutes that you will never get back. It’s easy to get stuck to Byron, I heard it happened to many other travelers like me. We were supposed to stay at Byron for one month, but we ended up staying for four. Four months full of great memories.

DSC01327DSC01283DSC01295DSC01280DSC01297DSC01291Päätettiin vanhojen aikojen kunniaksi kävellä vielä kerran ylös Byronin majakalle, eli siis kuuluisa The Lighthouse Walk. Rakastan näitä maisemia, ylhäältä näkyy todella kauas Byronin yli. Meri kimaltelee sinisen kaikissa sävyissä; bongailtiin valaitakin sielä täälä. Pieni pala mun sydämestä jää tänne ikuisiksi ajoiksi.

/ / / For the old times sake, we decided to walk up to the lighthouse for the one last time. Even after have done that hundred times, I’m still not bored with it. Those views are just breathtaking. You can see so far over the Byron. The ocean was sparkling with all the shades of blue, we spotted lot of whales too. A little piece of my heart will always stay here. Goodbye Byron. 


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  • Reply alex tiistai, lokakuu 4, 2016 at 17:32

    I see only amazing places in your photos Fiia 🙂 Why do you have to leave? Because of your visa?

    I hope someday I will be able to visit those places also, your journey inspired me to not wait for perfect moments to do something you want, time flies so fast.

    • Reply Fiia Emilia tiistai, lokakuu 4, 2016 at 22:41

      Thank you for your lovely comment!

      Yes, because of my visa. But I had options to stay, but none of them was appealing at the moment and I felt I don’t want to commit for so many years for just one place. I love Australia, and right now it feels like home, but it’s time for new adventures. (:

      You will visit all those places if you just want to, and there will never be exactly perfect moment. All you need is a bit of courage! 😉

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