Safety tips while living abroad

This week has made me think much about safety. Natural disasters, uncertainty, mistakes, much can happen while travelling. And lets face it, it can seriously dampen ones otherwise great trip. So i desided to just share my thoughts on safety. In my years of travelling around the globe i have learned to take few precautions to keep myself safe and i believe smart tricks like these will keep us safe especially when travelling solo. I have also broken many of my own rules before they became rules, and i admit being scared few times, so these are also life lessons i hope some people can avoid by reading this list.

1. Always keep you passport and an extra copy of your passport in a safety deposit box. In case you get robbed and lose your passport, a copy will help you to get a new passport faster,

2. Do not keep all your money in your purse/wallet if you are carrying one. Have some money/extra bank card tucked inside your shirt/jeans pocket or leave it to the safety depodit box. If someone steals your purse or your jacket and your wallet with it, you have money to get back to the hotel,

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3. You can also get a wallet that you can hide inside your shirt and carry around your neck (yup they are ugly, but they might come handy).

4.Also have few other ID cards and bank cards in case one gets lost. A credit card is always a good thing to have.

5. Never wear your wallet on the back pocket of your trousers. Sometimes it is better to leave your wallet to the hotel safe deposit box and just have your money/cards on your pockets,

6. Research where you are going. Many cities have not so friendly neighborhoods so better to book a hotel and stay in areas that are safe especially if you are in a new city and do not know the language,

7. Read the Travel recommendations from your embassy web page. There is a lot of useful data there regarding security, health tips, vaccination etc,

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8. Have your meds with you, and basic meds for cold, allergies, some bandates etc, as an emergency kit. (if prescription meds, have your doctors note written in english with you stating what meds you are allowed to carry on you),

9. Get a travel insurance. If going to the U.S get an insurance from a company that has a local affiliate in the U.S. so you have someone local to contact in case of emergency.

10. Registration abroad: you can do this on your embassy web page and it means that in case of an emergency your embassy knows how to contact you.

11. If hitting the night life, have a friend with you or better yet, have someone drive you and pick you up,

12. If drinking, never leave your drink unattended and know your limits,

13. Don’t go to a after party with strangers unless you have someone you really know with you, and can count on to drive you home later,

14. If going to the hotel late, sometimes it is better to take a taxi than wait for public transit alone,

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15. If someone starts to follow you, go into a crowded place or coffee shop, be surrounded by people and wait it out. Mind you some who pick pockets work in pairs where the other one starts following you and then there is another one waiting in the street infront and is ready to snatch your purse when you are running from the person behind you,

16. If scared: scream your lungs out. It WILL create attension.

17. In many countries you can also download an app into your phone that sends automated stress call to the local Police when triggered and it uses the gps signal on your phone to locate you. Some smart smart watches have this also.

18. Always tell someone where you are going and have someone you know to take you home,

19. If driving in remote areas check the map for gas stations beforehand where you can fuel up, and have a number for a car service stored in your mobile in case your car breaks down,

20. Check that your mobile operator works in the area where you are going. If not you can get an extra prepaid card pretty easily,

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21. An extra portable battery always comes handy if you need more power on your mobile and have no power outlet available.

22. If driving a long distance on a cold weather, have a blanket, some extra warm clothes and a flashlight in the car with you. This is in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road you can still keep warm. A chocolate bar and water might come in handy too.

23. Learn few basic self defence skills – if you can run fast, that is a good skill too.

24. Not a bad idea to be pessimisti sometimes – meaning when travelling, it is good to plan for those not so nice moments also that might occur. Better to be safe than sorry.

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