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Behind the blog, co-operation and services

The objective of ”Elämänmakuisia matkoja” travel blog is

  • to give information and describe my experiences in different destinations, countries and cultures
  • to entertain and inspire to find new, interesting destinations
  • to brighten everyday life with beautiful sceneries.

I prefer traveling to destinations with beautiful nature and surroundings, with sea (or a lake) and possibilities to swim nearby. I often choose locations I haven’t visited before. Safety is important to me. We travel mostly in Europe and nearby, sometimes further away as well. I prefer smaller, idyllic and more local destinations to those with mass tourism. I mostly travel with my family (my kids are between 15 and 21 years), or a part of the family, and sometimes also for work.

I want to live and travel responsibly and environmentally friendly. For instance, I do compensate for our flight emissions, prefer local services, avoid unnecessary consumption and have minimized eating meat.

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Malta kokemuksia, sää, Xemxija, St Pauls Bay

Malta, Xemxija, St Pauls Bay

Readers and followers

The blog is still new (founded in February 2019), but has reached numerous readers already, about 2100 unique users and 3200 page views a month (as of Jan 2020) and growing constantly. The blog is also active on Instagram (with almost 1800 followers) and Finnish Facebook traveler groups. The readers of my blog are mostly adults (25-54 years) and interested in traveling, especially in Europe.

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Co-operation and services

I co-operate with travel businesses and services:

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  • Blog packages
  • Instagram packages

Other services offered (part-time):

Suntrail Oy

  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Digital and social media management
  • GDPR and data privacy
  • Contracting
  • Sourcing
  • Travel management
  • Project and change management
  • Teaching and lecturing
  • Trip planning (bigger or smaller groups, individuals)
  • Group travel arrangements
  • Guiding
  • Translations (English / Swedish to Finnish), language revision (Finnish)
  •  Etc.


Marokko, Agadir ranta ja palmut auringonlaskun aikaan, nähtävää aukiolla rantabulevardin varrella, hyviä ravintoloita

Agadir, Morocco


Behind the blog

Arja has graduated from

  • The School of Economics (Major: Business Law. Minors: Management and Organization, Travel)
  • Commercial College
  • Travel Marketing College
  • Travel Guide School (Qualification: Tourist guide / Tour Leader)

She has versatile experience in travel and other businesses, e.g.

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  • Travel management and travel sourcing of a big, international company
  • Contracting
  • GDPR and data privacy
  • Project and change management
  • Communications and HR
  • Travel sales and booking, incl. business and group travel
  • Travel guide abroad (Portugal, Morocco, Spain)


Contact Arja by sending e-mail to: elamanmakuisiamatkoja (at)

You can find Elämänmakuisia matkoja -blog also in Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Pinterest as well as in Bloglovin’ and

Suntrail Oy


Ranska Riviera Cote d'Azur Eze kasvitieteellinen puutarha

Arja in Eze, France (August 2018)


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