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  • Hotels

    Amada Colossos Resort – Rhodes

    This has been the best family hotel find for a long time. Even the grandparents who are used to staying in more upscale hotels, were more than happy with it. Our second hotel choice…

    perjantai, joulukuu 20, 2019
  • Hotels

    TOP 3 hotel finds under 100€

    At times a hotel leaves a special memory even if it isn’t the glitziest luxury resort. When we are traveling, just the two of us, we try to focus on smaller boutique style hotels…

    sunnuntai, lokakuu 1, 2017
  • Hotels

    Högbo Brukshotel – Sandviken, Sweden

    Högbo is exactly the type of gem which you find when you visit a place by coincidence. Normally we wouldn’t have ended up spending our Valentine’s weekend in a small, unknown Swedish village near…

    keskiviikko, huhtikuu 12, 2017