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Top things to do in Rhodes

keskiviikko, 24 toukokuun, 2017

I know how easy it is to get lost into your sun lounger but I recommend you lift your butt for an hour or two and check at least one of the following sights in Rhodes.


The acropolis of Rhodes and hill of Monte Smith are conveniently located close to Rhodes town. You can spot ruins of the temple of Apollo, a theater and an old stadium. It is highly recommended to visit the site early in the morning before the army of tourist busses arrive and before the weather gets too warm. In addition to the historic sights, you will also get a nice view over Rhodes town and to the sea towards Turkey.


This sight doesn’t in fact exist. When it did, it used to be one of the seven wonders of the world. The original colossus was destroyed in an earthquake at some point before common era (the exact year varies depending of the source). Nowadays you can see two deer statues at the harbour entrance. These statues are easy to spot if you take a walk to Mandraki harbour. Although the original wonder which was built as an honor to god of the sun, Helios, is not there anymore, Helios hasn’t turned its back to Rhodes. You will get plenty of sunshine during your holiday.


The most beautiful village on the island. Take your rental car, boat or Vespa and spend the whole day exploring Lindos. Climb on top of the acropolis or just wander the picturesque alleys of the village. You can read more about this Instagram heaven from our previously released Lindos post.


The old town in Rhodes is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. You can find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars inside the walls. Nowadays old town also provides the best boutique hotels on the island. During midday, this Unesco World Heritage site is a popular destination for cruise tourist. The big cruise ships anchor right next to the old town walls. I prefer to visit old town after sunset and enjoy the salsa rhythms of Todo Bien bar.


Located at the southern-west part of Rhodes, this is the place where seas literally meet. Prasonisi is popular among kite and windsurfers. If you want to experience a different kind of a beach during your holiday, Prasonisi is a good alternative.


Tsambika beach is a lovely place to spend your day but the most interesting sight of the area is located on top of the hill. Getting up there requires quite a few steps so make sure you have enough water with you. A beautiful view is not the only thing people are interested in when it comes to Tsambika. Women in Rhodes have for ages come to the monastery to pray if there are problems getting the long awaited baby. This is why there are quite many girls and boys named Tsambika or Tsambikos. Myth or not, shortly after our visit to the monastery, our first born informed us he was on his way.


Petaloudes, the valley of butteflies was a lovely suprise even though we know nothing about butterflies. I recommend you visit either early in the morning or late afternoon to skip the rush hour along the path. You can read more details of the place from the following Valley of Butterlies post. I didn’t expect to find such a natural oasis from Rhodes island.

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