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Desert safari – United Arab Emirates

perjantai, 14 lokakuun, 2016

Let’s continue with the desert team since the temperature starts to get closer to zero celcius (at least here in Finland). As cliche as it may sound, desert safari is a must when you are visiting any of the Emirates. I was slightly sceptical myself but luckily our guests in Dubai forced me to join them. The amount of companies offering different kind of desert safaris can be overwhelming. We took an advantage of the Entertainer 2for1 voucher offer and booked a trip with a company called Arabian Expedition.

We were picked up from home around 3pm by an older gentleman who had been driving desert safaris for more than 8 years. We drove towards Jebel Malaiha (also known as Fossil Rock). Our desert safari included in addition to cruising on the dunes, a traditional Arabic BBQ with non-alcoholic drinks. The food was edible but not gourmet. There was also a belly dance and Thanoura show on the premises and you were able to smoke/try out shisha.

The highlight of the trip was however driving in the desert and seeing the sunset there. Arabian Expedition offered more than one hour cruising on the dunes (the time can vary a lot with other companies) and we had plenty of time to take photos and jump around in the sand. I almost peed my pants during the drive since the dunes were quite high at times. If you are prone to suffer of travel sickness in a car, I recommend to skip the drive.  It is difficult to describe the feeling of the safari in words but hopefully the following video clip from our trip can give you an idea what I’m talking about.

The only time when we were really scared was during the ”normal” drive from Dubai to the sand dunes and back. We had to wake up our driver a few times when he seemed to nod off and was driving on the wrong lane. Driving on the dunes we was in his element though.

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