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Business lunch – Dubai

perjantai, 30 syyskuun, 2016

The fine dining scene in Dubai is quite unique. There are multiple, fancy restaurants by the most famous chefs and you can spend enormous amounts of money into a dinner. Three course dinner and pairing wines will cost you more than in Finland (which is not known as a budget destination either) main reason being the price of wines in the country. What is quite funny though is that there are no Michelin star restaurants although the prices might give an idea that there should be at least 20 stars in the city.

If you rather spend the hundreds of euros in Dubai’s shopping oasis but still want to get a taste of an upscale restaurant in Dubai, business lunch might be your answer.

Following are three business lunch restaurants we truly enjoyed:

The Ivy offers three course menu for 150 dirhams. Their Ivy Benedict version was divine. The restaurant was suprisingly empty so the personnel took good care of us.


A Japanese restaurant called Zuma has been on Dubai’s TOP restaurant list for years. For 130 dirhams (+10% DIFC) we got to taste multiple smaller dishes from miso soup to their own specialities. Reservation is definitely needed since Zuma seems to be the place to be seen.


The Observatory in Marriott Harbour Suites hotel in Dubai Marina was a well kept secret (until now at least) which has a good lunch offer and spectacular views. The food may not be directly comparable with Zuma and The Ivy but the scenery is better. Observatory is more laid back that the 2 other places so no need to wear your fanciest dress during lunch. Three course lunch menu costs 129 dirhams and 2 courses 99 dirhams.

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