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What did I manage to buy from Greece and Turkey?

keskiviikko, 14 syyskuun, 2016

The cool autumn breeze is here again so I decided to return back to the summer and gathered my favorite buys from our last trip. I was dreaming of eastern style carpets but managed to buy only one bracelet from Turkey. For a few euros, this bracelet was a find and has been next to my watch ever since.


My traditional Korres buys. I found good offers for the shower gels (2for1) so I had to buy a ”few”. The Korres Olive hand cream is now competing with L’occitane for the top position as my favorite hand cream.


Olive oil that had won some taste competition. Do I dare to admit that I bought it just because of the cool bottle?


A Fouta that will serve as a picnic carpet as well.

Greek wines and kefalograviera cheese. I believe I can survive with these until next year.



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