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New dishes to try in Greece

maanantai, 27 kesäkuun, 2016

If you have already tried all the basic ”must” dishes in Greece (moussaka, stifado, horiatiki and taramosalads, souvlaki, tzatsiki, gemista and pita gyros) below are a few additional dishes to try. The pictures are taken on last week’s holiday in Rhodes island.

The most delicious soutzoukakia (meatballs in tomato sauce) can be found from Golden Olympiade restaurant in Rhodes old town. Their version is prepared of 3 different kind of minced meat which is the key to success in this case.imageSymi shrimps
I haven’t found this dish from the touristic restaurants but at least in Koykos and Golden Olympiade you are able to get these crunchy shrimps. We were told that you are able to locate these shrimps only in a certain place near the Turkish sea border. It’s not unheard of that Greek fishermen have been arrested while trying to find Symi shrimps.imageFeta with honey and sesame
A very simple dish but oh so delicious. As you can see, the fried cheese almost disappeared before I could take out the phone from my pocket.imageSaganaki
Saganaki can be found from most restaurant’s menu but the most delicious we have tasted has been in Zum Zum restaurant where they use kefalograviera cheese. Just squeeze a little bit of lemon on top.image

Kali oreksi!

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