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torstai, 2 kesäkuun, 2016

A picture of a head inside a tree has been hounting me. It is always there whatever kind of travel blog or book I read. For many years we were just too lazy to travel to Ayuatthaya but last time we managed to travel away from our normal Bangkok routines and went searching for the head.

We woke up early (which is always painful during a vacation) and headed to Bangkok train station. Instead of business seats we got standing tickets for 20 bahts to a train where air condition equaled an open window. Since we were the only tourists in the carriage, people were very eager to give their seats to us. We traveled approximately 80 kilometers through Bangkok suburbs to the old capital of Siam.DSC_0061 DSC_0049 DSC_0025The ruins of Ayuatthaya are spread into a historical park. They were listed as Unesco World Heritage site in 1991. Before the city was destroyed by the Burmese, Ayuatthaya was a flourishing trade town.

When the train arrived to the station, we headed towards the main entrance and were able to get a pickup taxi for 300 bahts per hour. A polite guide drove us through all the main sites of the historical park. Waking up early and ”DIY tour” was a great choice since we were able to skip the sightseeing rush hour. After midday all the parking lots were full of tourist busses.

Our DIY tour cost us less than 1000 bahts which is half the price compared to the cheapest option we found. It was pleasant to travel with our own initiary and be able to take proper photos without hundred other people peeking behind every Buddha. The best part however was the train journey with the locals.

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