Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

Titanium- X

she remembered when she had first met life, many years ago

She was only seven when her parents decided to put her in the black market to pay off a debt. Heaven was put in a cage life a animal and kept there as she watched other kids her age disappear along with her brother. That was the day she felt the soul die. He was apart of the same clan that ha preformed the horrid acts that no words could describe. Heaven was the last one in the cage, left alone. He own brother stabbed in front of her eyes.

”What do you think your doing?!” A voice yelled as Heaven watched a figure push past the curtains. He turned to look around as he saw Heaven. She stopped breathing as Life looked at her. He knelt by the cage as he opened it. He grabbed Heaven she kicked and fought back but it was useless he was too strong. She closed her eyes and cried she realized that he wasn’t holding her anymore. He held a sword as blood dripped off of it. She looked around him to see dead body on the floor. Life grabbed her arm and pulled her along. Heaven followed silently as Life finally got tired of dragging her and picked her up. She found him strangely kind. He jumped out of the window as Heaven held onto Life. She heard the roar and crackling of fire behind her. Heaven sat in the high grass as she watched the man who just rescued her. The light from the fire flickered off of his face then she blacked out.

Heaven came put of her memory as she looked at Life who was stared out the window.She sighed and touched his hand. She felt love for him but also deep hate because she may or may not have been living with the man who killed her brother.

he also took her in moments after doing so she still wondered to this day… why? Why did he take her in? Why her of all people?

Life’s eyes flickered to hers reviling the sorrow and regret that lingered in them.

”You know I hate when you invade my personal thoughts.”

”You’ll get over it.”

”Why do you alway have to push your boundaries.”

”Because for a mutual understanding boundaries must be broken…even if you wish to forget them.” Life looked away again. Heaven looked at the food which no longer held any appeal. She stood and walked away from the table. Life got the food to go and payed the bill. Heaven sat in the passenger seat of the car. Life’s walk was slow and arrogant. He slid in the car dropping the food in her lap.

”Go to hell.” Heaven spat as Life looked at her.

”Almost there.” Life stared the car and sped away from the restaurant into the pitch black night.

Chapter 2: The Mutual Understanding

Life sat down on the beside Heaven as she woke up and looked at him.

”I did’t kill your brother.” Life whispered.

”You where in my thoughts?! ….what did you just say.”

”I said I didn’t kill your brother.” Life said this time his voice strained. Heaven sat up this time she pulled out her gun and pointed it at Life who broke into a smile.

”Alway’s with the guns, Heaven.” Life said as he looked at her.

”What did you do with him?”

”I don’t know what happened to your brother I wasn’t there when they killed him. I was assigned to assassinate any and all people in the house.” Life said as he turned back around. They had found a small apartment with an upstairs loft with a rail. This is where Life usually slept but Heaven fell asleep in Life’s bed. Heaven lowered her gun but stared at his back.

”Why are you telling me now?”

”Because of this.” Life turned around as he gently touched her left shoulder blade with his fingertips. Heaven let out a shiver as she gave a moan of pleasure.

”What is that?” Heaven asked as Life withdrew his hand.

”That was a mark you’ve had it since you were a kid. Its the royal mark of Succubus.” Life said as he let out a sigh.

”Listen Heaven… Your mark is very dangerous. When it appears it mean that your sex drive is very high…”

”God, no not the sex talk.” Heaven said as she crawled out from under the covers. She looked at Life who looked at her. His eyes were piercing and dark but behind them was something else something Heaven had never seen in them before. Heaven pressed herself against the wall and felt the heat spread throughout her body. She knew what that look was and she couldn’t help but to give into it. She grabbed him and kissed him as she climbed into his lap. The kiss was rough passion that seemed to overflow. She knotted her hand in his hair as her tongue began exploring new areas of his mouth. He roughly gripped her side of her thighs.

”Wait!” Life had managed to pry Heaven off of him. He looked like he was controlling himself. Eyes wild with excitement and a glint of lust that seemed more seductive then anything.

”What’s wrong?” Heaven asked as she looked at him.His eyes flashed to her’s they weren’t their usual violet instead they were a very light purple that almost seemed to glow. He opened his mouth to say something then leaned in and kissed her stomach. His lips were soft to the feel of her stomach the gesture was strangely intimate and pleasurable. His hand were gentle against her skin he reached up and with one puled her bra was gone. Her nipples were like ripe fruit hard and pink. Heaven grabbed Life’s shoulders and pushed his down. She gripped his shirt and torn it open. She marveled at his perfect abs and pale skin. His nipples were not unlike hers they were pink and perfect. She bent down and sucked on his nipple then bit down really hard. Life arched his back and grabbed onto her back.

Heaven slid down his body as she unzipped his pants zipper with her teeth his cock sprung out of his pants. She looked at all nine inches of his throbbing erection. She ran her tongue up the length of it She took Life in her mouth as she managed to get most of his length in. Not only was Life long but he was thick as well. Her hands dug into his thighs drawing blood she pulled him out of her mouth. He pulled her up so that she was situated over his lap.She mounted Life wrapping his hands on her hips placing her in the perfect position. Heaven moaned out of pain and pleasure
”You’re too big!” Heaven said as she and threw her head back they started to move in harmony. Life grabbed her back and pulled her upper body to his lips, he began to suck and nibble on her nipples. Heaven put her hands around his head enjoying it.She gave moans of pleasure gripping a fist full of his hair she pulled his head back kissed him passionately. Starting slow with pecks, slowly sticking her tongue into his mouth.She pulled away and fell back arching herself into Life. He grabbed her legs and turned her over so she all fours. He pulled all the way out and gave a powerful thrust forward slamming all the way. Heaven gave a breathless moan of pleasure. Life’s thrust were hard and fast as she clung onto the covers. Her toes were clutched down as she moaned uncontrollably.

”I’m cumming!” Heaven said as Life thrust grown more powerful. He drew is hand back and slapped Heaven hard on the ass as she gave a pant of surprise.

”I won’t allow you to come so quickly.”Life lifted his leg up as he pulled Heaven hips back to him. He began thrusting again as his balls slapped against her ass.

”More!Faster!Oh,yes!” Heaven words were incoherent and breathless. Life began to move faster His hands clamped onto her

Chapter 3: The Morning After Sex

Heaven sighed as she felt sore but a good kind of sore.She laid in bed looking at the ceiling recounting the night’s events.She turned her head to look at Life’s sleeping face.She remembered letting him do whatever but past that was a blur.

”You bastard,”Heaven murmured.

”Again with the names…but,and forgive me for saying,is it not to early for regret,” Life said as he let his body up slowly into a sitting position. He grabbed the sides of Heaven’s face as he brought his face close to hers.

”It really is too early to be regretting and far too late for you to be sorry…so tell me how do you really feel…or do I have to dig into your head again?” Life said as Heaven glared at him and blushed. Life let her go as he got up in one swift motion. He stretched and then turned to her.

”Come.” Life said as he held his hand out for her. She took it as he effortlessly pulled her across the bed and into his arms. He held her under her arms. Heaven looked at him as he carried her to the bathroom. It was inevitable that they were going to shower together. She squirmed in his arms.

”What do you not want to take a shower perhaps you want to spend the day wrapped in the sweat and sex?” He slipped his finger from the nape of her neck down her spine. Heaven pressed her body into his. He pushed her bangs back reveling her forehead as he set her down.

”I’ll be taking my leave now.” Life turned to leave.

”Why did you carry me in here?”

”Your leaking.” Life said as she looked down to see cum running down her leg.

”Plus I take it you body is still somewhat numb and sore and for that I apologize…but I do not apologize for the action itself.” Life waved as he walked out of the bathroom. Heaven started the shower as she stepped into the warm spray of the water. She began to wash as she began to smile. She leaned against the wall then sunk down to the floor of the shower. Life was right her legs felt like noodles,her hips and inner thigh ached as if she had been riding a horse all day.Heaven felt happy by the idea that her body ached because of him. It wasn’t pain but a pleasant soreness. She let the warm spray massage her body. Heaven came out of the shower as she peaked in the room Life was no where to be found. Heaven stepped out of the bathroom into bedroom.

”What a lovely view.” Unfamiliar voice said as Heaven turned to see a man dressed in army clothes. She grabbed the bed sheet in an attempt to cover her body.

”Life!” Heaven said as pulling out her gun from under the nightstand and pointed it at the stranger.

”oh, no deary, you cannot call your little boyfriend, he had and unfortunate accident with a bullet to his brain.” he said.

”bullshit. Where is he?!” heaven said.

”sure, think whatever you like, he’s not coming back.” Heaven wrapped the sheet around herself tighter. Suddenly a gunshot filled the air. Heaven turned around to see a man behind with a gun. Heaven jumped back pointing her gun at him. He was tall, long pale honey blond hair and piercing green eyes.

”Life!” The man said as he walked past heaven and down the stairs.Heaven followed. Life laid in the middle of the floor blood coming from his head.

”I know you can hear me.” The man said as Life let out a sigh and sat up.

”Angelo.” Life said as the girl looked at Heaven then back at Life.

”I though I told you to lay low.”

”I did.” Life said as Heaven looked at the two of them.

”Is anyone going to explain whats going on here? Heaven asked as both men looked at her.

”Its a long story.” Angelo and Life said in unison.