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21 days & 21 pics of Aruba

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bon dia / Bon tardi / Bon nochi, where ever you happen to be reading this! Time flies when you’re having fun they say! Time has definitely flown, I’ve already been here in Aruba for 3 weeks! To celebrate the occasion, here’s 21 snapshots of my 21 first days here. The day I arrived feels simultaneously like yesterday and like a forever ago. This is a peculiar solotrip as I already know people on and from this island, so finding my own place here and my own relationship with it has been different than on my previous workcations or trips. Not better or worse, just different! I’ll get to that surely later. For now I just wanted to share some pictures from the Caribbean actually, to replace the confusion of European views from my last post. We’re on our way to help out with rescue puppies at a puppy proposal (what a cute concept?!) so I’ll keep this short and let the pictures speak for them selves! Good food, good mood, and gosh how much sun & white sand! Also hard work (every single day of every week) so it’s not all holiday and chilling out here, but again, I’ll tell more about my workaway experience and about workaway in general later. P.S. The pup in the picture is looking for an adoptive family!

Ayo! Love, Anna