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Sunday, December 2, 2018



Happy December first!! There’s been a lot going on my mind lately, but the beginning of December makes it full of joyful things which I’m always happy to go through. And with the unclear mess that’s also there in the back of my mind a good help seems to be blogging, so in addition of the advent calendars I did for others I decided to make myself one too – I’m gonna make a blog post every day for the next 24 days. Maybe about something important (like Christmas !!) or about something less important, but nevertheless a blog post every day. And no, it’s not cheating that the first one of those is just me wishing you a happy December with a few Christmassy pics from my apartment – it totally counts!!

Once again, have a lovely day and hopefully you all had an advent calendar to open today – if not there’s still time to go by one!






Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy belated Independence Day Finland! Our dear country turned 100 years old on Wednesday. The whole year has been full of different kinds of celebrations, and the day before yesterday it all peaked at the Independence Day reception at the presiden’t castle and many firework- & choir shows around the country. Me and my friends celebrated it traditionally by watching the reception live from TV, and by toasting with a bit of champagne and eating blue & white (purple and white really, but we tried!) desserts. That’s why I’m late even on my country’s “birthday”. But they have called this the “festive year”, so I hope we can still celebrate it until the end of the year. Countries around the world were celebrating Finland as well by illuminating their buildings in our colours, blue and white, and just like about 5 million other people living here in the cold North – I’ve never felt more proud to be a Finn.

Too often I forget to be grateful for what we have here, and take my home country for granted. That’s probably why the Independence day has become such an important day for me – it’s a great chance to actually remind myself of the greatness of our country. It’s been fought for, it’s been basically built from nothing, and it has always fought it’s way to get people’s attention despite being so tiny. And nowadays it’s officially one of the best countries to live at. We have the kind of safety, nature, equality and many other things that most other countries can only dream of. We Finns are quite a strange people – we seem grumpy and mean, but once you get to know us we’re often the kindest and most honest people you’ll ever meet. And while most of us won’t show it, we’re often really patriotic. We still remember the one time we won the Eurovision contest, we surely remember the times Finland won the world championships of Ice Hockey, and we sure will be ready to mention that “a Finn was second on the British X-factor”. We’re so proud of the silly things that it’s funny. But that’s how we are. The blonde and blue eyed (I’m totally generalizing if you didn’t catch that yet) people who voluntarely live in the cold, far North where in the winter you can’t see the sun for a few months, speaking one of the most difficult languages in the world. And we love it here. No matter where in the world I go, this place will alwas be my home – of which I am really grateful. So to show my respect to our wonderful country here you have 100 reasons to love Finland – in the form of text and photos. Visit us one day, I promise you you won’t regret it. It’s a strange experience for sure, and aren’t those just the best ones?


2.  3. Salmiakki


5.6. Sauna

7. 8. Finns are great at winter sports


10. 11. We’ve got a bunch of great music festivals every summer



14. On Easter, the kids dress up, decorate willow branches and go door to door exchanging those decorations for candy


16.17. It’s a tradition to celebrate Christmas in advance at “pikkujoulut” drinking, eating ginger bread and other treats


19. When we graduate from High School, we dress up in funny costumes, get into trucks int he cities and throw candy around

20. In the Universities and the Colleges the students wear matching jumpsuits, the colour of which tells you where and what do they study


22. On the second year of high school, the students practice over a month for a traditional ball


24. At mid summer in Northern Finland, the sun literally doesn’t set at all

25. You can skate on frozen lakes



28. Our old towns are beautiful, calm and picturesques




32. The Finnish ice cream is the best in the world – right after gelato


34. It’s never too hot

35. When you become a doctorate, you get to buy yourself a funny, black hat and a special sword


37. Everyone (in the age to be able to do so) in Finland can read

38. School lunch is free until 13th grade





43. When you graduate from high school, you get to wear this sailor-like white cap

44. May Day is a special celebration when everyone gets on the streets, gets drunk, eats a bunch of munkki, and has fun together


46. It’s okay even for really young kids to play by them selves outside after dark, because it’s so safe here

47. Marimekko (a lovely Finnish brand)

49. There are almost 200 000 lakes in Finland

50. Every Finn has to study at least three languages; Finnish, Swedish (both the official languages of Finland) and English


52. You can trust on the health insurance

53. If you don’t get a job, the government will support you to survive

54. It’s allowed to walk almost anywhere (not too close to private buildings or in farms) to pick berries or mushrooms


56. Advent calenders are traditional even for adults

57. You can see the Aurora Borealis; the Nortehrn Lights


59. Finland is in the top countries on the PISA- researches





64. When ever something amazing happens, like a victory in a sports event or a music competition, the Finns go to the market place to celebrate together, hence the saying “torille” (= to the market place!) when ever Finland is mentioned somewhere

65. 66. We celebrate a tradition called Mid Summer on the lightest day of the year by lighting up a bonfire, by doing mid summer magic and eating well together with friends and family

67. It’s normal to have two houses – one to live at, and the other to relax at (usually located by a lake, we call them “mökki” = summer cottage)




71. We have snow every winter – and usually lots of it

72. Our stores have great sales several times a year

73. The minimum salary is higher than the average salary in some countries


75. Finnish chocolate is ridiculously good


77. Carelian pies


79. Finns are honest, reliable and trustworthy


81. Rye bread is our most eaten bread


83. We are very ironic, and also use a lot of self – irony

84. We barely ever say ” I love you” , but when we do we really mean it


86. Finnish gum is actually good for your teeth, and recommended by the dentists



89. We drink water straight out of the tap, because it tastes even better than bottles water

90. Sibelius


92. Our air is unpolluted and clean – so clean that some travel to Finland just for the fresh air

93. Muumit

94. Freedom of speech

95. Gender equality


97. We take care of our children – plus give motherly and fatherly leave for quite a long time

98. What is promised to happen, happens


100. It’s the best possible place to call home, and it’s my home <3



wanhat – dance

Sunday, March 5, 2017

So here you go, the promised photo splash from our wanhat – dance! yes, I know that I’ve got dificulties at choosing. Yes, I know that my wordpress doesn’t work properly and doesn’t let me turn any photos and yes I know that as always, I’m a bit late, but here you go anyway haha. If I could I would totally go back to that day right now! I meant to sell my dress because they are expensive and there’s really no oter event where I could use it, but I jusn’t don’t dare, I want to keep it as a reminder of the perfect princess day! But let’s see let’s see.. This week we’ll have the cruise for the cause of this very same event, wanhat, and I’m really looking forward to that! Yes I was on the same boat a while ago eh but now it’s with my actual classmates, and there can never really be too many cruices can there? Have a lovely week everyone, hopefully it’ll be as sunny as today was here in the North! <3


// Elikkäs tässä tämä luvattu kuvapläjäys wanhojen tansseista! Kyllä, oon huono valitsemaan. Kyllä, wordpressilläni on joku ongelma minua vastaan joka estää kääntämästä kuvia oikein päin. Mutta tässä näitä nyt jokatapauksessa on. Jos voisin palata takaisin tuohon päivään niin tekisin sen heti, ei ole mitään parempaa kun pyöriä prinsessamekossa, en olisi millään raaskinut ottaa sitä pois päältä ollenkaan! Tarkoituksenani tosiaan oli myydä se edelleen koska hintaviahan ne ovat ja tätä mallia ei oikein missään muualla voi käyttää, mutta katsotaan jos keksisin jonkun tekosyyn säilyttää sen sittenkin lapsenlapsille! Tällä viikolla meillä on wanhojen risteily josta olen myös tosi innoissani, vaikka vähän aika sitten samaisella paatilla kävinkin niin risteilyjähän ei koskaan voi olla liikaa! Ihanaa viikkoa ihmiset, toivottavasti siitä tulee yhtä aurinkoinen kuin tämä sunnuntai oli <3
























the parent dance <3





















the wedding pic! jk, we were just laughing a lot while taking these not so original pics haha









winter break, mental break

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Long time no see! Greetings from Jyväskylä, I’m here spending my winter break with my grandparents and my sister. It has been way too long since I’ve written here, but atleast it’s because I have a lot t0 tell! Or I hope so. My mind has been such a blur that I’m not even sure, really. On Monday night I slept 12 hours and I’m sure I’ll do the same today, if we don’t stay up watching movies with my granny. Last week was a really special week, the oldest of our high school – the third graders, the people of my age with whom I would be graduating this year if I hadn’t done exchange year – left the school to start their study vacations and they celebrated it with the traditional shows and throwing candy out of trucks on the streets, and we second graders became the oldest ones and celebrated it with a big ball for which we had been practicing since december. The ball was amazing, we got to dance on Thursday and on Friday and everybody was so beautiful and everything went well (apart from my dress almost falling on Thursday and me failing in front of our teacher on Friday), and we all felt great pretending to be princesses and princes. I swear  I have more than 300 pictures from those days, so i’ll share those with you in a separate post. For now just a little update from last week, which we finished with a dinner and a party of us “old ones” (we call ourselves that since we become the oldest in high school on that day), and on Saturday I joined my third grader friends on their cruise to Stockholm. So it was an eventful week, and I’m happy to be peacefully sleeping at granny’s now. God natt alla människor!


Vihdoin täällä taas! Terkkuja Jyväskylästä, tulin tänne viettämään hiihtolomaa isovanhempieni ja siskoni luokse. Koska siitä on jo aikaa kun viimeksi kirjoitin tänne, minulla onkin jo paljon kerrottavaa. Kait. Pää lyö suoraan sanoen vieläkin kaiken kiirehtimisen jälkeen niin tyhjää etten edes tietä minkä muistelemisesta aloittaa. Maanantaina nukuin 12 tuntia ja teen tänään varmasti saman mikäli en jää mummin kanssa elokuvia katsomaan. Viime viikko oli oikein tapahtumarikas viikko, abikaverini lähtivät penkkareidensa mukana koulusta ja minä entisenä vaihtarina jäin vuotta nuorempien kanssa tanssimaan wanhoja. Oli kyllä ihanat prinsessapäivät nuo torstai ja perjantai! Nyt koneeltani löytyy krijaimellisesti yli 300 kuvaa, joten jaan niitä sitten erillissessä postauksessa. Kaikki näyttivät niin uepilta ja kaikki meni hyvin. mitä nyt torstaina mekko meinasi valua päältä ja perjantaina mokailin juuri open edessä niitä joulukuusta asti treenattuja tansseja… Mutta ei se mitään, tunnelman kevennystä kaivattiinkin! 😀 Siihen sopi myös meidän wanhojen illallista seuranneet jatkot, ja vielä abirisse Tukholmaan jolle menin myöskin mukaan kavereideni seuraksi. Oli kaikin puolin siis super kiva viikko, mutta nyt olen usper iloinen että pääsin nukkumaan rauhassa tänne mummolaan. God natt!