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Sunday, December 2, 2018



Happy December first!! There’s been a lot going on my mind lately, but the beginning of December makes it full of joyful things which I’m always happy to go through. And with the unclear mess that’s also there in the back of my mind a good help seems to be blogging, so in addition of the advent calendars I did for others I decided to make myself one too – I’m gonna make a blog post every day for the next 24 days. Maybe about something important (like Christmas !!) or about something less important, but nevertheless a blog post every day. And no, it’s not cheating that the first one of those is just me wishing you a happy December with a few Christmassy pics from my apartment – it totally counts!!

Once again, have a lovely day and hopefully you all had an advent calendar to open today – if not there’s still time to go by one!






Monday, December 11, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Time for stressful last minute christmas shopping, that is. And since I hope that people would stress as little as possible, I thought I’d do my bit and share some very cheap ideas for Christmas presents that -hopefully!- might help you too! Some of these I’ve actually gotten as a present myself and absolutely loved them, if you spot yoursefl here thank you one more time <3

How to make a gift personal PLUS affordable:

Think about the receiver. What is she/he like? What might she/he need? When you have a theme, find an item that goes under it or to make it even more personal, find many small items that together make a nice combo. The receiver can tell that you thought of her / him with every detail! And to certainly put your heart into a gift; do something by hand. It doesn’t mean that you have to be an extra talented crafts – person nor know how to build a bird house or to knit a sweater, but even making the tiniest of changes on items that you maybe bought from the store and then pimped suitable for the receiver, will always make it more personal. Another thing that I’ve become a big fan of, is giving something recycled. What could be more affordable than finding a gift from a fleamarket or – even better – from your own cupboards? Yes, I know there are people who these ideas don’t really suite, but you might be surprised how many would also be positively surprised for getting one.


something personal

Maybe you know exactly what the receiver likes or needs? Then it’s obviously an easy case. But if you know what the person likes, yet not exactly what you want to give but you know it’s something you want to have extra special thought in, maybe these might work?

  • choose a book (maybe from your own book shelf!) that you’ve read and you know would suit the receiver
  • if the receiver is a baker, give something that has to do with baking and add your favourite recipe around/on the bottom of the baking item
  • if the receiver is a musician, write down (copying works too, but hand written is obviously even more personal) your favourite music sheets for them to learn
  • also for a music person; since mix tapes don’t really work anymore, maybe you could choose a CD from your own cupboard that you’re sure the receiver would enjoy, or if you want to give something definitely useful but something definitely not material, make him/her a playlist
  • a coupon for an acitivity that you promise her/him you’ll do together; a movie, a dinner at your place or in an a restaurant that you both wanted to try, a coffee date, a sports thing, a trip (if you’re not one for the affordable ideas) or what ever floats your boat
  • a photo album / just a photo – since these days everything is digital even though most people love these, they never actually go and print them. So it’s the perfect thing to do for them!

something funny

If you don’t know the person well enough/ you know the reciver is a true comedian, something funny is always a good idea. Of course, if you don’t know each other too well, don’t go straight for some inside jokes you might share with someone else! And even with funny gifts it’s always best if you can actually use them – at least somewhere.

  • An ugly christmas sweater (at least in Finland this has really become a thing and is a great thing to wear for ‘pikkujoulut’!
  • funny shaped/pictured school things
  • … I’m clearly not one of the humorous geniuses, though I do love me some silly gifts!

something that works every time

One thing that most people adore as Christmas gifts, are all relaxing sorts of things- Not everyone, but unfortunately many, live a busy life where they forget to treat themselves. And that’s basically what gifts are about – about treating the receiver with something special. So why not give them something they can use to treat them selves? But be careful though, you’re not the only one thinking about these. If you can, make your simply choice a bit mre personal by choosing her/his favourite colour/smell/favour/etc.

  • chocolate (apart from like one of my friends who doesn’t like chocolate and one who can’t eat it) – you can’t go wrong with this, maybe you can also pack it in a nice package for it to bee a bit more personal than the orginal package?
  • alcohol – unless the reciver is an absolutist or a member of the AA club, this is also another thing that is hard to go wrong with
  • candles – there can never be too many of them, right? But mind with scented candles, for many it may cause migren! Bee wax candles are a great other option for them!
  • pyjamas/ropes/slippers/wool socks
  • face masks – there can never be too many of these either am I right or am I right?
  • a blanket
  • a special tea mug / smoothie glass / water bottle

something handmade

  • just add water – baking jars
  • a calender for the coming year
  • a tiny box for jewellery/other small things (old jewellery boxes are perfect for this when you decorate the by hand)
  • mittens, wool socks, hat, scarf, sweater…
  • something baked / cooked
  • for a poetic soul; a poem jar – choose/write a bunch of tiny poems for her/him to read on specific days
  • (christmas) decorations
  • photo album (pardon the repeating but it also goes under this headline)
  • cute cupcake tins
  • body scrub (an example of directions here)

something for men

Oh dear heaven someone please help me out here.


… and other random ideas

  • jewellery
  • scarf
  • a specific T-shirt
  • home decor
  • kitchen thingies
  • socks (especially for Dobby)
  • cute pyjamas
  • books
  • a polaroid camera (it can be affordable too!)
  • pillow cases