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5 Favourites from Mauritius

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Our flight back is today, so the post is coming belated! Mauritius was a very beautiful place to visit, and going there in November seemed to be a great choice, as the weather was very pleasant (sunny and 26-32C every day all day) and it wasn’t yet too touristy (whether it actually is ever too touristy, I do not know). For the 5th day of December, here’s my 5 favourites from Mauritius!

Beaches (especially those around Flic en Flac)

Being a tropical island in the Indian ocean, the country is surrounded my beautiful and calm beaches. All beaches in Mauritius are government owned, so you can go swim anywhere! The water was extremely clear and a very pleasant temperature. Asking the locals about tides and current is of course important, and swimming shoes are recommended though as the surrounding reef (while offering beautiful snorkeling spots) does send its spiky greetings to the shore with the waves.

The Food

Just like its culture, the food of Mauritius is a lovely mix of multiple traditions and spices! The local seafood, curries, fresh coconuts… yum!

Le Morne

The most difficult and the most beautiful hike that I’ve ever done for sure. I have to admit – we didn’t make it to the top! My fear of heights and the slowness of the route made us turn back just before, but the views from the journey up were already spectacular. A perfect spot to see the “underwater waterfall” that Mauritius is famous for! Le Morne is not only famous for its views, but also for its cultural heritage. It’s a symbolism of freedom and a reminder of slavery, as slaves escaped to the mountain – and from a local we also heard that they jumped off from its cliff after realising there was nowhere to escape. At the beginning of the 3-4h journey there is also a little museum about life from the time of slavery.

Rochester Falls

A beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere, where you can swim under a waterfall! in size it’s ten times smaller than the more popular Chamarel waterfall, but particularly visiting it on a Sunday was a lovely experience also because a lot of locals gathered there, played their drums, and watched over their kids jumping from a tree into the water.

Swimming with dolphins

As sugar in the bottom as we say in Finnish! I heard from a friend that her favourite memory from Mauritius was swimming with dolphins in open water in their natural habitat, so that was the one thing I dreamed of doing there as well. And after a lot of calling around and a very very friendly and helpful local, we did manage! We took a boat to their breakfast environment, and swam with tens and tens of dolphins, listening under water their beautiful laugh. On the way back we even stopped to snorkle at a reef, spotting beautiful colourful fishes and corals. Definitely the most memorable thing.

Also Port Louis, watersports (everything from kitesurfing, windsurfing, wavesurfing, sailing, snorkeling, waterskiing), other waterfalls (especially Chamarel), giant turtles in the parks (or if you’re lucky enough, seeing those in the water) and other things were also lovely at Mauritius, I’ll be talking about those another time more!

Hope you’re having a lovely day!



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