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4 Christmas gift wishes

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Not to sound corny, but honestly all my christmas wishes are non-material (finding an apartment to be a home, my family and friends staying healthy and snow staying on the ground for Christmas etc), but on the other hand I don’t have to think very hard for a few material wishes – even if I don’t really expect to get these from Santa but rather have on my shopping list for later.

Surgical Kit

Shame on me, this item has been on my wish list for quite a while, but I never managed to order one. Supposedly it’s a good method to practice stitching without harming your poor friends or family friends, which seems like a good plan. And they’re very affordable! You can look for some on Amazon, among others.

Fitbit HR+

I swear by my little black HR+ bracelet, but unfortunately it stopped working after I last went windsurfing. I still need to email the company and see if they can replace it for me, or if I just truly missed the part of the instructions were it said that it needs to be washed after being soaked in salt water… In any case, I’d 100% recommend it! It’s very affordable, measures my sleep, my heart rate, my energy usage, workout duration, steps and obviously tells me the time and date without me needing to peek at my phone all the time. I can’t guarantee its accuracy on its measurements, but I’ve personally been very happy!

Bluetooth headphones

I consider myself lucky on many aspects, but not with headphones. They rarely last me a year as they get broken or I manage to accidentally break them! So once again, the same wish. And funnily enough, I belong to the small group that still prefers over ear headphones, and don’t ask my why, but they need to be white.

Waterproof laptop cover 

I live in the Netherlands; thus bike everywhere; in the rain. Need I say more?

What have you got on your Santa’s list?



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