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2 books I’ve read recently

Friday, December 2, 2022

Happy second day of December!

For a quick, if you ask me, an always interesting post I wanted to share two recent book favourites of mine! They couldn’t be more different, but yet I think that both suit most readers and both were a very pleasant read.

12 Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

A lovely, romantic novel focusing on dating as a 30+ year-old, some naive arguments, and of course Christmas. Located mainly in the country side of England, I almost wanted to rent a house there myself after finishing this. A very light read that definitely makes any Christmas lover happy and I also dare to say, any Grinch more of a Christmas lover!

Do no harm by Henry Marsh

Written by a former British neurosurgeon, this book in Finnish is translated as ”About Life, death and brain surgery”, and that translation describes the book even better. As a med student I of course enjoyed the medical cases, but even for someone from another field this book tells the perspective of a doctor in healthcare, and talks more philosophically about life, death, and their connection. Some blood is mentioned so not suitable for the most faint-hearted. I’ve still to finish the last pages so no spoilers please!




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