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21 things I’ll be doing in ’21

Hey you, and happy New Year! I hope you’ve started it off great.

New Year tends to be the time for resolutions, right? Well I say there are enough commitments for us to cause pressure already so every year (for the past years) I promise to not promise myself anything as a resolution and I make a list of things I want to do during the next year instead. And that list is not a pressure list, it’s just a list of things that make me happy, and it guides me to do more of those things without any kind of blame even if I don’t succeed. From my last year’s list I only had 2/20 that I didn’t complete, which, if we were counting, was pretty good I think. One of those two I’ll be postponing for this year and the other I frankly don’t see as important anymore, so that can stay with all the other horros from last year. Some I liked so much that I’ll keep from last year for this, but some are new. Without further ado, here’s my 21 in ’21 – list:

  1. Learn another conversation in Hawaiian
  2. Continue reading often
  3. Learn to play chess
  4. Dance more
  5. Go to at least one new place
  6. Have occasional self care evenings
  7. Play more board games
  8. Play more tennis
  9. Keep buying flowers to myself and others
  10. Keep sending post cards
  11. Learn Eminem’s Godzilla’s 3rd verse
  12. Spend a little more time outside
  13. Learn to make cocktails
  14. Avoid piling up of unanswered messages
  15. Send Holiday cards again
  16. Stretch more
  17. Make encebollado
  18. Spend more time by the sea
  19. Meditate more
  20. Use my camera more
  21. Listen to medicine podcasts

I hope this new year will be better regarding politics, economy, global health and overall just about everything. What ever you’ve got on your list, hope you have a year full of enjoyment ahead!

Love, Anna

P.S. I’d love to hear what you have on your list!


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