Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö


  1. I just turned 21 yesterday! I can feel the wrinkles forming..
  2. I’m still living in central Finland in Jyväskylä, now alone since my roommate is gone for the summer
  3. That mentioned roommate has been the best one ever <3
  4. I work in a hostel/countryside/café location until the beginning of August, and the place is GORGEOUS
  5. I’m moving out of the country in exactly two months
  6. I have got nothing prepared
  7. I have already sold my table tho!
  8. I have a day off today and so far I’m spending it by watching Society on Netflix and eating my favorite holiday candy, soon I’ll head to granny’s for some late birthday coffee and a shopping trip for them
  9. I’m extremely happy that by living here (where my whole family is from and also still living apart from my parents and sister) I’ve gotten at least a little bit closer to my family and learned a lot about it and everyone in it
  10. I’m extremely unhappy because living alone in a strange city without being able to see my friends really isn’t for me
  11. .. but I’m making the most out of it! I live every day like the last day of summer and so far it’s been pretty good.
  12. My roommate surprised me with a cake in bed and waffles for breakfast for my birthday, and that was the sweetest!!
  13. My boyfriend being the game designer that he is made me an app for my birthday, and that was also the sweetest. <3
  14. I’m trying to get rid of everything I own apart from my clothes, favourite dishes and all the essentials but it’s progressing really slowly.
  15. We’re moving out July 22nd, so that’s part of the reason why I’m trying to get rid of my possessions and slowly pack already, but I do not want to live with a bunch of boxes either.
  16. I’ll live with my grandparents for the last week of July (and of work) and I’m really looking forward to that too.
  17. It doesn’t get dark at all in the night anymore in Finland and I’m loving it
  18. I am in desperate need of going for a run
  19. I was so glad yesterday to have so many people remembering my birthday even when I’m far. That’s why we’re friends y’all.
  20. Work is taking all my time (50+h a week plus 1h drive back and forth) but the job is really nice and I get to live in a beautiful town close to my relatives so it really is worth it.
  21. I’m craving for a ryebread and an ice cream. Not together.


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