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First things first, I’ve got way too much jewelry, and I don’t even know why. And the worst thing is, that I haven’t been using 90% of it cause it’s been so poorly stored. Yesterday I was getting one of my anxiety attacks (a mild one), and I was out of chocolate so I decided to do something that weirdly really calms me down – do konmari. I went through every piece of jewelry that I have, put away those that I knew I’ll never use again, and stored nicely the rest. Yes there’s still way too much, but for now this is already a lot better.

All you jewelry owners must know how annoying it is when everything just gets tangled and unusable, or just lost. I found the best ways that work for me, but I’ll gladly listen to any other ideas too!

I have this tiny jewelry box where I used to store my earrings until they piled up, and I also had a bunch of watches that are always a bit too far for me to go through the effort of putting them on (as you can see from the stopped clock faces), so I decided to put those in that box.

Earrings are best stored in the earring clips where they’re sold, so they’re easily visible and next to their pairs – especially if you happen to have as many earrings as I do. I also have a piercing at the top of my ear, so I put pairless earrings in a half of a tiny earring box, and below it extra locks of earrings (I tend to lose them since too many of my earrings are poor quality and they just fall off) in a similar box. Bigger earrings I stuck into the ”pillow” of a jewellery box and into a small round box.

Bracelets I stored around a pillow that was in one of those watch – boxes.

Then my pride; my necklaces. I kept on wondering how should I store these, cause I’ve sadly put away all their cases.. So I got inventive and took out this fabric from a watch case, and cut tiny cuts on one side next to each other, and it turned out as the perfect showcase for my necklaces, which actually keeps them untangled and let’s me sed what I’ve got!

The rings, ribbons and such I put in a tiny box, inside which is now also the box of hanging earrings. My big necklace is just on top of this all, and my pearls I put in a separate little bag which I also put on top of the others. All this I stored in a box, that I keep on my self next to other boxes so it’s easy to take out fully but also neatly stored, since I don’t change the jewelry I’m using so often. The watch-box has it’s own place closer to me so I can get to those even easier.

Voilà! This together with an evening run is what brought me study motivation yesterday, hope you’ve also found your daily motivation today too xx Have a lovely day!



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