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Happy Valentine’s Day! xx

I’ve written the same thing every year, but I’ll write it again cause it’s rather interesting: in Finland we celebrate Friends’ Day on February 14th, instead of ”the Day of Love” as it is translated in many other languages. Yes my dad would buy my mom flowers, but we’d also bake cupcakes for our friends instead of sending secret admiration letters to our crushes. If this makes our culture cold hearted, so be it, I personally like it (while yes, after meeting my friends I would and will also spend the day with my boyfriend) being a day dedicated for friendship. We should have more of those.

This past year has been full of changes, big things, mental breakdowns and busy days. I never ever wanted my friendships to suffer from me being a mess, but I honestly don’t feel like I’ve been such a good friend lately. So this is my public apology and a reminder that I did not stop staying in contact that frequently on purpose. I love every single one of my friends and everything you’ve given me, and I wish to keep you all in my life for every February 14th to come. So, family and friends, I’m sorry for having been a bit absent, you’re always on my mind and you’re very, very important to me. Also those who I have succesfully met even once in a while eh <3

Have a happy Friends’/Lovers’ Day everyone! xx

Love, Anna

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