I started this year pretty great, while sick, I was surrounded by great people and great things (and great waffles!!) so I’ve got no complaints there.

Then right after getting back to Finland I had the most horrible moving day ever, it was just poorly planned and my sickness was getting worse and I just got unlucky. My amazing friends came to help me which I’m eternally grateful of, but still what I remember from that day is pure exhaustion.

After that things were pretty decent, lots of new and lots of things to do, but so much joy of the new home and new roommate and things happening that this part of the diagram would be a rather high curve.

Some days the things I needed to do were just a bit too much for my still-too-weak head, but I controlled those feelings by being easy on myself. Even though my study plan doesn’t really have time for days like that, I’ve still decided to care most importantly of my own health.

Then, all of a sudden, I just happened to wake up after a few nightmares and was in an utterly bad mood. I was back there. I almost got a panic attack, even though e everything was just fine. My thoughts were just ”not again, I thought I got passed this”.

The next day after having done a bunch of fun things, I was at the top of the world again. And now things are going pretty great. I’ve gotten some amazing news and some not to so fun – news, but all together we’re definitely rather high on the positive side.

So, as a diagram, which I’ve been  doing quite a few recently, my mood in 2019 would make a rather curvy line. Blah, it is a little annoying but I do not suffer from being bipolar, I’m just extremely human. I’m writing this honest just to give an actual example of how things can be good and bad, and how things usually aren’t what they seem.

Also, I like being honest and not just shiny and smiley, so here I am again. I’m doing good though, and hope you are too. I’ll be back before Valentine’s Day so I won’t wish you a happy one just yet, I’m just giving you a friendly reminder about that as well 😉 An extra reason to be extra kind this week. But always be kind.


Have a lovely week! xx



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