It’s week number 4 and I’m at post number 3. Not too bad! The first weeks of this year have been packed, and this one seems to continue on the same level, but as hard as it is to let go of all the fun things (uni applications don’t exactly belong to the cathegory fun but they do cause my weeks to be packed), I’ve hereby publicly promised myself that now I’m reducing everything that I can from my schedules so I can use all my time for my priorities – studying for the entrance exam of medice and taking care of myself. Luckily the latter includes spending time with my loved ones for example so I’m not planning on cutting people out, but I do need to balance things now.

However, in addition to some succeedingly passed deadlines, a drawer full of tea, and pretty landscapes, some good news arrived in the mail around the time I moved away fom Helsinki! Or should I say good times? heh heh

I got a lovely surprise of a message from Welly Merck sometime before Christmas, clicked myself on their webpage and instantly fell in love with their watches! They have a beautiful set of watches in various models and colours, for both women and men. I kind of wanted them all but I had to stay strict and managed to choose myself one; Classic Tokyo R in 36mm. It’s a beautiful watch with a rosegold (also available in silver) clock face and a textile wristband.

It was so pretty and colourful and small enough to fit in my minimalistic lifestyle that I just had to get it, and I’m happy I did! The package arrived extremely fast, in about 5 days as promised while doing my order. The watch is good quality and exactly the same as on the webpage, and all contact with the brand worked seamlessly. All together buying this watch was a great experience and I’d definitely be repeating it if I didn’t have to forcefully stop myself from shopping right now, blah.

The best thing about this is, that you can now shop these beautiful watches a bit more guilty-free, since by using the code ANNAW50 you can get 50% off from your purchase! Off you go, please shop some for me too xx I don’t usually do collaborations, but when it’s a brand that I sincerely like and honestly want to do a shout out for just to spread the joy, I’m more than happy to. And now with the joy you even get 50% off – perfect!! I’m giggling here by myself, just ignore me.

Have a lovely week, smile to the next stranger you see! xx


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