Happy New Year 2019!

As said in the title, Happy New Year! I hope you got to start it off great with your loved ones around you xx I send greetings from Belgium, where I basically travelled just to get my New Year’s Kiss haha, and of course the waffles and the views and all the people were a big plus on the side. It was the first time I wasn’t surrounded by my own family on the last day of the year, but on the exchange I got to know a lot of other great people. I still haven’t had my pyjama day and my last year’s album is still coming, but even if I couldn’t make those in last year, those are good ways to start the coming year. Also something that I always need are New Year’s resolutions. Usually I give up something, but this year will include so much studying that I could not give up chocolate or candy again! Instead I made myself some promises about things that I’m planning to acquire, and those being skills instead of material things. I really do need new pants though.

1. I’m going to learn Dutch

2. I’m going to start answering messages faster, way faster

3. I’m really, really going to do my very best with my studies

4. I’ll make a blog post every week (mostly about studies then)

5. I’ll eat breakfast everyday.

6. I’ll stay happy

What ever you promised to yourself that you’ll do, I wish you luck with those resolutions and all the best for the beginning year! xx

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