Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

1. The people around me

2. The experience I got from work this year

3. The people I got to know at work this year

4. Having vacations (while talking about work…)

5. All the chocolate I have stored

6. All the people I got to revisit this year

7. All the people who’ve stayed in my life

8. All the people who’ve come into my life

9. All the life lessons I’ve learned this year

10. The bravery I’ve had even when I really didn’t want to

11. My very first own home – you were very good.

12. All the trouble I’ve had this year – it all teaches me how to cope with those in the future

13. Health and safety, a 4 month long flue doesn’t even bother me that much when all in all everything is still very good

14. All the understanding I’ve received

15. All the beautiful words I’ve received

16. Being able to go trough our Christmas traditions

17. Having my family and friends thinking about me

18. All the amazing memories I’ve made this year

19. All the new places I’ve seen this year

20. Becoming a godmother

21. Surviving trough thick and thin

22. … and having always been able to solve my problems

23. Always being welcome home

24. The beautiful world around us

Very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!! xx

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  • Reply johanna Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 08:36

    I’m grateful that you are in the world, derar Anna!!!!

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