1. Christmas

2. London

3. Hugh Grant

4. The Accent

5. The legendary Rowan Atkinson scene

6. This.

7. People falling in love despait language barriers

8. The soundtrack

9. The greatest child actor of all times

10. Things have a way of working out

11. There are lobsters and a very large octopus

12. ”It’s so much more than just a bag”

13. Airports

14. Christmas shopping

15. Oh,

16. It’s just a bunch of very witty characters

17. They make awkward actually funny

18. Hugh Grant dancing. That’s all.

19. Because I identify myself with this 100%.

20. Everything is tied together very, very nicely

21. The ”All I want for Christmas is you” – cover

22. Once again,

23. It’s a tradition. I love traditions.

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