Hi, you remember me?

Hola queridos! It’s been a while. It’s been a very packed while. In these past three months (?? crazy how fast time has flewn!) a lot has happened; I did my first entrance exam, I graduated from high school, I worked full time as an office assistant, I fulfilled the terrible twenty, I went to Louisiana, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Miami, met all the most important people in my life from two years ago, got back to Finland while crying about honestly just wanting to stay on that other side of the world, completely lost sight of myself for a while, questioned everything, kinda figured everything out, started liking Finland again, went to teo music festivals, found myself an apartment, did a few roadtrips and spend all the rest of the time with the people I love the most enjoying Finnish summer with friends and family. So yeah, I’ve got a lot to tell!

I’ll be back with pictures about graduation, of my new apartment (when I get to move in on the first of september and then make it look presentable), of our epic trip back home and of everything that’s been happening lately, but for now here’s a few of my favourites from the past months. After I’ve edited and published them we’re probably home already from Jyväskylä where I was visiting my grandparents, and I’m going straight to sleep. I have a ton of things to do (of course eh) but no clear weekly schedule yet, and it’s also kinda fun! At least I’m trying to make the most out of it, even if I’d also like to be a responsible adult and have everything working out on paper and in real life.. and I’ll get there! Just don’t look at my bullet journal right now haha, too many unfinished tasks still waiting ! But it’s not the first time I’m there, yet it’s the first time I’m kind of excited about it even! Yay I’m growing up mom & dad!

I’ll be back soon this time, it’s a promise xx Hopefully you’ve had a lot to smile about lately! (if not, go buy chocolate, you deserve it)


muu maa mustikka, oma maa mansikka

this guy at Playa Blanca, Colombia, wanted to pose for me and I’m for ever grateful for that wish

casually doing street art in Bogotá, Colombia

Latacunga, Ecuador

Latacunga, Ecuador

Ceviche with a group of mexicans in Lima, Peru

mango at Playa Banca, Colombia

the happiest moments ! Cartagena, Colombia

grand father’s house – we made so many pieces of bread in that bakery.. Pinllo, Ecuador

ice cream with this one is always a good idea <3

me trying to look official for my job in the office

Playa Blanca, Colombia

with a group of very dear monkeys at Kuusijärvi, Finland

Las Lajas, Colombia

the smiles before jumping off a bridge !! Baños, Ecuador

”you came here to be happy, don’t get distracted”

cheese ice cream did not get my love tbh Latacunga, Ecuador

”the happiest is the one with the most ice cream”

helados de Salcedo with my old classmates xx Salcedo, Ecuador

Parque Vicente Leon, Latacunga, Ecuador

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Graduation’s after party Helsinki, Finland

Flow Festival (with Arctic Monkeys!!) in Helsinki, Finland

Karoliinan Kestikievari, Finland

on our roadtrip to Hamina, Finland

turning the dreadful number here but with the best people around me (all of those who are missing from thw pic too!)

graduation day and bestie part 1 <3

Graduation day with bestie part 2 <3

foam party in Kotka, Finland

family’s girls’ night out at Rooftop Bar, Helsinki, Finland

graduation after party and our new stranger friends

baking bakimg baking (9 cakes and over 200 cookies) for the graduation party

got the best possible baking help, the grandma herself

one of my jobs at the office ended up being a bartender, no complaints here!

”if you have a dream, hug it really tight”

friends will be friends Quito, Ecuador

one of the many meals that we had at the airport for one of our 12 flights Medellín, Colombia

casa de la memoria, Medellín, Colombia

a typical lunch on my not so typical days back here in Finland in between running from a task to another

this birthday gift of mine traveled with me all around

before the 16h busride from Lima to Piura in Peru (that wasn’t even the longest busride)

a surprise upgrade to the first class on our train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, Peru – we even got served Pisco Sour!

Until this day I can’t believe that a friend of mine succeeded in finding the note I left her on the plane that I föew with and that she got on afterwards!

gotta love the Vespa (and this woman) Tuusula, Finland

still alive after a trip to Himos midsummer music festival

YFU- thank you party and our new badges as the traveler, volunteer and activist of the year and the happy of the year

sightseeing in Muuratsalo, Finland

in my element, fancy as always

candlelight breakfast for my parents’ 50th anniversary

it’s great in any language, that’s proven now after seeing it in 3 different ones

mökkilife in Muuratsalo, Finland

Latacunga, Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador

Medellín, Colombia

typical day at work – me cleaning after my own mess

my sweet little flatmates in my old host family’s house

Envy rooftop bar in Medellín, Colombia

I never say good bye but I say chao way too often

with the travel buddy in Baños, Ecuador

the travel buddy’s host sister’s gradation, Latacunga, Ecuador

my dearest sweetest cousin <3 Latacunga, Ecuador

foodlove in Mancora, Peru

it was all for a bet, eh! Machu Picchu, Peru

spot the tourist! New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Himos midsummer music festival

the best possible music festival company over here !

birthday party memories with the Venetian carneval theme

lots of love for Finnish summer nights

protip, do not take hiking Montaña Picchu lightly
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