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Hey! This blog absence keeps happening, but the important thing is that my come back also keep happening, right? Haha ”the good thing” meaning that blogging continues being one of the things that bring me happiness. Maybe I haven’t been so active here for the reason that there hasn’t been anything that exciting happening, I’ve been mostly studying after all. But some time ago I realized that this year my energy just won’t be enough to go through with the full process of studying enough to get myself in the university, and that’s all right. I’m still studying, don’t get me wrong, because I do am absolutely sure of my future plans I try to use every second and every piece of my energy for being prepared for next year – I’m going to have the same exam then. But now I’ve been easy on myself because I remember how close I can get myself to breaking, and I don’t want to do that to me ever again. It’s a bit hard to explain for many people because obviously no one else than me can see in my weird mind, but then again, I’m the only one who I need to explain my decisions to.

Next year will be interesting then, since I don’t know where I’ll be. I do have a few plans, and whichever of those I decide to make sure, I’m sure it’ll be okay – as long as I’m okay. And I’m planning to be! I’ve had some lovely, chilled evenings with my friends outside on the terrace bars enjoying the sun, made sure to have my me-time too, gone to the gym a lot, studied together with a lovely friend of mine and done other things that bring joy to me. After the exam I’ll have a few days off (!!), and then I’ll start working until the end of June. After that something even more exciting is happening – I’m going home to Ecuador! I have an incredible trip awaiting with some incredible people, and I’m incredibly grateful for being able to go. It definitely does motivate me to do my best with everything – while still remembering that ’doing my best’ can mean a lot of different things, depending on your personal situation.

I hope your summer has started as wonderfully as it has here in the Nort, the sun surely does feel extra good after a long, dark winter! Everything has its good sides, doesn’t it? xx


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