Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

Welcome & me in a nutshell

A warm welcome to my so-called -blog <3

I call this so-called-blog, since I havent really got time to focus on this enough (until now) and it is in progress..
Love writing, in both languages finnish & english, so that adds a little more challenge there.
Stories here are mainly travel stuff, places near & far, where ever I end up going!
Making mistakes with grammar every now & then, but nobody’s perfect so just bear with me, por favor ?
I named this page first 666placestovisit, since there are so many places I would love to visit, even though I have my fave ones, I keep going back to over & over again.. but changed to 666places cos it was easier to promote 😉

My favourite places are eastern-European countries & Balkan, those wallet-friendly, beautiful places,
roads less travelled..