Very wintry greetings from Finland 🥶

…well it is not super frozen weather yet but oh boy this snow makes me crazy….
It has been snowing crazy for last 24 hrs and they also promised – 20 C here.. No thanks!

We moved here about a month ago and I havent really missed back to our city apartment till yesterday, because this heavy snow.
I only miss back cos it was care free living. Didnt have to do anything, car was in a hall, snow was removed from sidewalks and road by janitor, we were able to have radiators max as well without any worries of high electric bill. Here we already received invoice for that and it was about 100 € and we didnt even have them on all the time. Shit!
So that is the other reason why I want winter to go away super quickly!! Eletric bill and snow.

I have hated winter – especially winter weather for years. I liked when I was a kid, I went skiing, ice skating and loved playing in the snow- but the older you get it is not much fun- it is a lot of work!
I would love to have winter like autumn is here, even with rain!
Around + 5 to + 10 C on winter would be awesome!
So Im sure there is some kind of snowfairy who has decided to pay back to me all my negative thoughts.. since we got so much snow here that I dont remember seen for some years.
Yesterday we spent 3 hours outside doing all that snow-work (or what ever it´s called?!).
It is great exercise though. After last nigbt snow-show and sauna we both fell a sleep quickly!
I just hope this snowing ends soon since we dont have any room for that soon..
They said on the news that South Finland esp. Uudenmaan area where we live has most snow in Finland.

Here are few pictures from our yard from yesterday and today.
We cleaned everything on Sunday- it is crazy….


Back yard with pool…


Front yard..


Somewhere there is our lawn and greenhouse…


With very wintry greetings Mimmu 🐻‍❄️

I took our dog for a little walk before my lunch and had to do some more snow-work, well I guess I dont need to find any other activities after work.
Lucky Melli is such a great dog, she is fine going out but she loves to get comfy and sleep too (or watch birds from window).


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