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February update from frozen Finlandia



I cant believe it’s already the end of February. Like whaat!!
It was just Christmas, those lovely lazy holidays, New Year with gorgeous fireworks and ”Champs”.
It was just January and Matka- Travel Fair with blogging and promo work, meeting the other newbies and now pretty much the last days of February.
Time really flies.. So I decided to update my life a bit before I have to go to work.
Especially on days like today, I wish I had one of those jobs I can do also remote, not needed to go out- since it is freezing cold there!! – 22 C this morning! Holy sheep! It is so damn cold!!
Am not a winter person at all.
Instead winter-winter I wish we had two autumns, snow only on Christmas / during the holiday- that would be perfect!
Even our dog, who absolutely loves snow and playing in that cold stuff (dogs like their owners  – really?) doesnt want to stay there, she goes to pee & runs back to the door like please let me in-now!
Well cant blame her!!

As you may have noticed, I havent really been much here.
I have been working in different locations. It sucks, not that I have shifts to do, but it’s the job, you know.
I have to do those grocery shifts because those shifts pays my bills and I get to travel a bit too.
Those are the places where my mini-money comes from, not from this blog or any other social media stuff, which I would love to. So I hope that would change a bit someday.
Not that I would expect to have Uncle Scrooges millions & do the daily money swim.
My dream job would be something to do with travelling of course, socical media stuff too- but am open to everything. I know, I have a lot to do to get there and have many competitor..
But hopefully one day something like those’d be my real job.
Nora my fellow-blogger says ”if you can dream it, you can achieve it”! I Love that!
Even though my dreamjob isnt the most realistic now, im not letting it go! I just found it.
It took me so many years to realize what is ”my thing”, so am ready to work for my dream(s), ready to do ”what ever” to achieve my dream, to do what am passionate about.

I met Nora and other bloggers Marko, Heta, Heli & Anna-Maria at the Travel Fair, in Helsinki last month, they were there for the first time as blogger / press as well.
We all had busy schedules, spots to see and people to meet, so we didnt get to spend that much time together, but it was great to meet them and we also decided to have a class reunion next year 😉
That’s a promise to keep!

I decided not to make any New Year promises as mentioned on my previous post.
I decided not to, cos I finally realized it’s just waste of time and energy cos cant keep those.
It depends of course what kind of promises we are talking about, if it has something to do with losing weight.. well I suck! Im like Garfield, I love food! 🙂
Past years I have decided I start eating better & exercise more, starting on January of course, but next I notice oh shit, it’s Midsummer and I only have two or less months till our summer holiday. Panic!
I start running like crazy those stairs next to our house, pumping the iron, spending 30 minutes on crosstrainer each day and leaving all sh*it from my meals (low carb is my thing).

So I simply decided not to stress myself with these kinda stuff anymore, instead just eat better and move my as* more, sounds simple and doable, right?!
Well, am still pretty much in same shape than two months ago cos I already had two holidays.
Like I said am kinda like Garfield. I just love to taste ”every” food where ever I travel, those stuff are usually much better than in Finland & I dont want to low-carb every day on my holiday.. I mean look at this pizza!

But I do eat shitty-food home too sometimes cos work too, cant just blame holidays.
Before I heard people were blaming their bad shape and bad eating habits cos shitty work schedules, I thought that bullshit and people been just lazy etc.
But now that I have been doing these shifts I have noticed that’s true & you can put some blame to that.
I do pretty much from 14:15-21:15 shitfs, which means I only have two 12 minutes break (at some places 15 minutes), but it doesnt mean you can keep your 12-15 minutes.
Sometimes I just get to the restroom and the bell rings..
I managed to have only once full break there and it was only because it’s was super cold day.
At some places it takes even some minutes to get to your locker-room and then the fridge is in different place, so what do I do- bite a quick snack and drink a  lot of energy drinks to keep me going.
Not good.
But what is good though that I actually started to eat bit better and do squads, abs & inner tights after Spain, so am not that sucky person than last year (or past years) 😀 Been on low-carb last past week and it makes me feel good, have much more energy!
So maybe that no promises works.. 😉

Let’s talk more about work. So I also decided that I would do anything to find that real-right job for me.
I do those grocery shifts, as mentioned, but I decided to hunt for my dreams, find and chase my dream job.
Or at least find a job I would enjoy to do, not just the one that pays my bills.
Those shifts now pays my bills etc. but I dont know how long I can keep doing those?!
Those shifts are so tiring, so when I get home im so exhausted so I wanna do nothing.
On morning am just too tired cos cant sleep well cos the huge amount of sugar and stress.
Anyway, I dont just blame those shitty shifts but you got the point.
If you havent done similar job, you dont know. So I stopped ”judging” people too.
And yes, am pleased to have these shifts, even though I dont enjoy doing those- which is funny cos people has told me that they like my smily, friendly attitude and professional skills with different customers.
Hmm.. maybe I should skip my writing dreams and focus more on acting?! Hahhaha 😉

Job hunting
I have been looking for jobs and found few interesting ones.
I have sent some applications already, just sketching one- to a company I would really like to work for.
Keep your thumbs up for me, por favor!
Note to those recruiters, if you got or get my application, you know am really interested since I dont just send applications to every possible places. At least not yet. So check me out first and others wish me luck!!

I already got some rejection emails back, which is not necessarily bad thing, cos now I can think what to do better and I like getting a reply, even though it’s no thanx.
Some has even explained which kind of they hired and other told me that they cant offer me a job because im overqualified. Ok. That made me thinking does it mean im too old?!
I mean am 37, so is that nice way to say we dont want a granny here?!
I dont think I look or even behave like a granny.. hmm..

PS Please, dont be offended with that granny comment!
PPS If you have a job for me or know who is looking for my kind of persons, lemme know!

Here is my business card which says:
– Over 15 years of customer service experience
– Over 7 years of administrative/executive assistant experience
– VIPA: Music & Media – entertainment business education (graduated 2011)
– Travel Business studies travel agent/ travel services management (graduated 2017,
am not really sure about the english title)

Yes, I already had those two fat holidays which is pretty unusual!
We usually keep our winter holiday week on January-February and travel next time on Easter.
But this is surprised me, as did last year!
Right after New Year we made a short road trip to Riga,Latvia.
We dont usually get to do those so that was awesome!!
Jani mentioned he had one extra day off and asked if instead driving to Ainazi (to do lil shopping) we’d drive to Riga and stay two nights.
Well, he didnt even need to ask me, I always say yes to Riga -my Baltic love!!

First we were thinking to stay from Friday till Sunday but his boss prefered monday off so we switched the dates and also saved 100 euros! We did spend that 100e for a fancy – or so we thought- dinner.
That was probably one of the worse, but more about that and our road trip later.

From east to west..
After Riga we spent few weeks in Finland, working our butts off and then it was time for our next adventure- visit Spain.
This is something really unusual as well, since we have never been to any warm place on our winter holiday, never thought we would travel to Spain (or go to that west) or even go for a family vacation.
Jani’s parents have been to Spain several times and have also invited us there several times.
It has been bad timing.
They have been there on Nov/Dec and since we usually come home from our summer holiday on September that would have been way too soon / too early.
Dont wanna wait and work 8-9 months without any real holiday, you know.
And we also had made plans like last year we went to Serbia on our winter holiday.
This year they also rented a house there and asked us to go, after few if’s and but’s we bought the plane tickets and flew to Malaga with Janis son.

As you know my heart belongs pretty much to East-Europe & Balkan.
I was ready to travel back to Serbia or finally visit Belarus.. but to Spain we went and I decided to be open-minded and enjoy the time there, which I did.
Spain was beautiful, a new experience since never been there and Janis parents were perfect hosts! They drove us to many places, took us to eat and shopping etc.
Most of the prices were same than in Finland but no snow and ice was definitely a big plus!
Posts under the Andalusian sun are coming too.
Visited Mijas, Marbella, Istan, Gibraltar (just few to mention)!

Beautiful & interesting places

Amazing sunsets

And those famous monkeys..

All the roads lead to Rome..
Last but not least.. let’s get really wild now! Si, im going to Rome soon!
This is going to be different vacation, Jani cant go cos his work, but im going there with my mom (Musti) and my godchild Veera. We are going to see Minttu (my other godchild).
I havent been on any vacation with Musti since I was 16 I think, there is no drama, just life and different schedules.
Beside we both have dogs, so when they travel we take care of their crazy dog and vise versa.
This trip has some shadows though. She had a tumour and it was operated last October.
She said if everything goes well, she wants to go to Italy & ”made me promise we gonna go” if..
Thank goosh, everything went great ? She is doing good, is back to work etc.
And so we are soon on our way to Italy!
This is going to be my second family trip- surprise, surprise!! First time in Italy as well!
Veera (travel business student), Minttu’s lil sister is going with us.
She has never been on a plane, so she is super excited and bit nervous too!

So that’s my 2 months update!
Keep your thumbs up it wont snow in Rome anymore.
They had quite a chaos there few days ago since snow and -9 degrees.
Minttu had two extra days cos everything was closed: stations, airports, traffic all down.

Any last minute tips?!

Enjoy your weekend ?


Winter Holiday planning- home away from home here I come..


…well not exactly- need to wait three more months!! Oh gosh!!
I can’t remember last time I´ve made plans this early..
But now it is kinda a must, cos my school.
Few more courses to take and then I have my internships to do and that´s it.. yaiks!!
I meant to go first to a hotel and then to one very interesting Travel Agency and my bf asked his holiday to match my break with these internships.
But things don’t always go the way you plan those, so one change of plan please 😉 – I will get back to that lil later.

So started to ”plan” this holiday already and of course that starts with: where to go?!
Both wanted to go for years to Minsk, Belarus and some friends visited there last summer and they had nothing but good to tell (except it is a large city and traffic is wild), they had some local friends too!!
Anyway, been reading stories from others too and Minsk sounds my kinda city!
BUT we are not going to Minsk. Not this time, maybe on summer (finally)!
I hope they will get that ”Visa-free” program soon!!
It´s been few years I first heard about that but still waiting!! 😉
I heard they have also had similar negotiation with Russia, but then Finland got stupid with these sanctions and that´s it! 🙁
But been thinking to get one year Visa to Russia, I have only seen St. Petersburg and there are a lot more to see and of course many hockey games 😉
And my great-grandmother (hope I got that right) came from old Karelia.
I have heard some of our family members still lives there so I am curious to find out more and visit them. Also our dog comes from Russia, so would like to visit those shelters.
They did a bus trip last weekend there but couldn’t go then.

ANYWAY, back to our winter holiday 😉
Thought that easiest would be just go to a Visa-free country, esp. now that I don’t have that much money to spend..
Last year we drove to Latvia – I just love Latvia! I call Latvia a home away from home Baltic and my home away from home Balkans is Serbia.. So you might guess now our destination?! 😉
Yes, we are going to Serbia <3


Got some hints here and there about Serbia before this, u know those funny pop ups, a story, pic, news, ad or so!
Few days back we were just lying on a sofa and I just started to do something with my phone and ended up to look pages and took a look at Belgrade, "our" apartment was free and fair priced! Told my bf about that and he got excited as well- I was lil surprised since we both hate flying, have a huge fear of flying :/
BUT we booked the apartment from Basco Agency via
There would have been other places to stay at but booked from Basco 3 times before and like them!
They have great service, even now they contacted and told how nice it is to have us back and if there is anything tehy could already do for us!
Also, they have been flexible with check in rules and with payment. It is hard to get enough dinars here (and it cost a lot in Germany, once did that 🙁 )
They also helped us, even though we didnt plan to visit Belgrade but Lake Subotica (unfortunately didnt get to go there either since the refugees..)
They also offer airport pick up, a big help too!!

Love traveling but absolutely hate flying, I am frightened already.. Not kidding!!
Going to Serbia on winter means flying.. am ready to do that every now and then.
Now some of you things that I am not really ”aerophobic” etc.
But am already ”shitting my pants” (come & see LOL).

Despite that.. booked also flights (glad I did since the price is already 120€ higher) – so that means we are really going back to Serbia!! 🙂
First visit there was summer 2014.
At the beginning of that summer I thought it is going to be worst summer ever since money situation but with some luck and my sweet bf we had amazing holiday (first Russia then Serbia → BIH → Serbia)!! Am sure I havent told much more about that holiday since I ”started this blog” after that but it took a year to write anything.. Sorry if wasting ur time 😉

Serbia, said to be a hidden gem!! Not too many tourists!
Well,last time visited there on Feb. 2015, so it could have changed..
Belgrade is old, little bit (how to say) shabby but very charming so dont get me wrong with that! <3
There is a lot to see and do! People are more than nice, I went to shop some make up and they asked where I was from, how did I like it there, how did we end up there etc.
People are nice and helpful but still be careful!
As everywhere else, in Belgrade you can find some shady people! Our cab driver tried to get more money driving around and telling he didnt know where to go, but he got just what we agreed and he was pissed off.. That was just one time, other cabdrivers been pro´s!



At restaurant you also get great service!! And food we got was cheap and so good!!
Just can not wait to go back; 5 meat kebab & pizza!
We have two fave places there, I hope they are still there and are as good as used to 😉

Pizza Botako is just next to our apartment, we found it by chance on our first trip.
We live at Knez Miletina, few steps away from Skadarlija, almost all the buildings are apartment buildings, as walking to Skadarlija we heard some live music and went to see where that came
from and found that Picerija! They have lovely garden and music there during summer!
And their pizzas.. when am thinking about one good piece of pizza Botako & Lava Kövi Pizza (Siofok) are my top 1 😀
So if you are looking for a good pizza in Serbia- go to Botako:
And that 5 meat kebab (Old Kebab) I mentioned, we first thought that is expensive place and too fancy etc and almost missed! But went to try it and were surprised, so good food and cheap! 2 meals, started salad & two drinks less than 20€!
So this restaurant came quickly our fave place as well 😉
Must to visit if you are in town:
Their menu is also in english! Just getting hungry looking at that menu 😉



I cant explain how Serbia became my fave country, I just love it and been missing back ever since our last vacation!
As been to Latvia many, many times and still love going back, same with Hungary and Serbia.
After these trips I have started to understand more people who said they have been 20 times to Thailand or Spain etc. There is just that something..
I´ve also got some funny looks telling we are going to Serbia on our winter holiday: like why u wanna go there, there is no sun, it is cold etc.
What a weird place to go! Well watcha gonna do 😛
Go and see 😉
BTW, some still thinks it is a war zone and it is not safe there cos that etc. Oh boy!

I just googled Serbia and this came up

We had to make presentation about one country, (no need to) guess which I chose?! Da, Srbija!
I got good feedback & others who havent been there said it was interesting!
Here is a clip I also showed them:

Have stayed in Belgrade but also travelled to Sarajevo (and back) by Gea-tours door to door minibus. That was really something!
Breathtaking views, crazy mountain roads, traffic.. but something I would do again (on summer)!
So I got to see more Serbia as well.
This is why I like roadtrips more than just a simple flight – you get to see so much more, get the real taste of that country (and no need to fly!).



Last winter holiday there we had so much to do and see in Belgrade (Museum of Yugoslav History, Aviation & Tesla museums, Underground tour, going around, eating, drinking, shopping..) so we didnt go elsewhere.
This time would like to visit Novi Sad. It seems interesting & Petrovaradin fortress is there (I like stuff like those). Also our airport pick up Milos told us to go there, actually few times, so maybe we should finally go 🙂
Some of you might know Novi Sad / Petrovaradin for EXIT festival (one of the biggest in Europe). Dont know about that but I can tell Belgrade BeerFest is something I have experienced, woww!!
Love it!! Maybe not my type of music in first place but I really liked it, happy people, no fights, no wasted ppl, extremely cheap beer, no queuing, well organized +10 (even the music 😉 )
Next August again, maybe we get to visit there once more 😉


SO in a nutshell ? that is where I am going then..
I know it is just October but maybe some of you have plans already?!
Or if dont, where do you wish to travel?!

Do have more stories to tell but I need to go and get ready to my interview tomorrow..
Wish me luck 🙂