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Funny music stuff :)

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Am sure am not the only one…
Didn’t know what to listen, too many on my head, part wanted some heavy-ones and part wanted some ”power-music”, so google & U-tube, let´s see.. Devil Driver, rap shit, Pop-mix.. Have got some great songs, esp. from 90´s so U-tube let´s play 😀

First song Youtube had for me: Era -Always, brings me right back to Mostar (BIH), where I had my first right here, right now-moment, just enjoying & had stress no longer (had another ”24/7” work roulette-done), sitting there with my bf, next to Stari Most (Old Bridge),with cool drink & this music.
Those who jumps from the bridge (for money) were practicing on the other side& sometimes some others did the jumps.
Cos this right now-moment (best feeling!) this song has become my ”throw back” song.


Second U-tube offered: Hall of Fame- Script- just trying to apply this school am now studying at & needed some ”support-music” so this song takes me back there as Ani Lorak to my first actual school day, of course curious who else gonna be there 😉

Salt´n Pepa- Push right back to Belgrade.
Elastic Heart by Sia is also my throw back Belgrade song, it was snowing and we had great instant coffee and chocolate croissants from the bakery & amp; oh gosh I really miss back there (not only for their food ?)

Funny memories part 234 one fin guy sings ”if i was you i´d wanna be with me too” oslt.
Lady Gaga´s Pokerface & Paparazzi the songs I remember when I came to Janis place first time (and still here I am) 😀
Also Wuthering Heights / Kate Bush- top memories here ?

Led Zeppelin saved us from speeding ticket (at least once), huh!
Had to slow down to get new cd on – luckily! since there was somebody watching.. ?
But need to mention now that it wasn’t ”really speeding” but everytime u see a cop it´s the same feeling, right 😀

I know many ppl who don’t want to listen foreign music- if they don’t understand what the lyrics means, then it´s a no for them!
I don’t care, for example Ani Lorak (Ukrainian), has songs in english but I like a lot her russian songs- even though I don’t understand much (anything).
For me it is the feeling that I get from the song!! Even though lyrics don’t match every time, the song can be still be as* kicking- u know what am saying!

At work I need to have something, radio at least on, same working at home, if I need to do something, I need to have a telly quiet at the background, if it is quiet I can not concentrate, seriously!
Talk I is disturbing so radio with lot of bs isn’t good choice 😀

Now we listen a lot more music while driving (I mean Jani by this since I got no license, yet)
Last trip we had Zeppelin, Metallica, Seven Against.
2015 roadtrip- we only listened few songs from one album (during 3 weeks) since that car had amazing sound!!
Now we have diesel and it´s not that inspiring to listen.. u know :/
Do u have funny song memories?! Any specific car music or is it just all goes, even radio?? ?

Here is one my face driving & exercise music, great energy & the lyrics! 😉