Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

Sorry, my bad!

Am kinda embarrassed- I dont even wanna share this with you..
But what the heck, am gonna.
Remember, my recent post about Road Trips, Via Baltica & stuff you need/should have with?!
If you dont click here

So I was just telling about how we´ve been there many times, things you need to have there, things to remember, sharing our experiences..
So you would think we had all covered?! Ha 😀

So we made plans to visit Latvia on our Easter Holiday and couple of days before we noticed few missing things/documents.
Those were not the end of the world-things but better to be safe than sorry they say..
Was just having a bath (oh yes, we do have a big bathtube!) with lots of foam and having a nice, chill drink & reading.
Didnt have any book to read so I took those Motor-magazines Jani brought and there was an article ”Tips for driving in Europe”.
Have already read that once some months ago..

They mentioned those same things what documents you need but also mentioned alcohol limits, using mobile phone & radar detectors..
And it slowly hit me.
Oh we are missing that, oh that one has expired and what about that..
Nowdays they use only electronic registration document so if you travel abroad you need to ask a printed version from your inspector and since that was a new thing to us (again!) we didnt have that.
We had our old version though so I dont think that even matter cos other than the date it was the same..

So it wasnt just one thing we ”forgot”. Our car´s export licence had also expired..
Oh shit,again!
Last car was cheaper and so it was ours, this one has banks name on it though Jani´s name is on the registration document as well but still they suggest you to have that piece of paper (easy money to them, cos you only get that for max 6months and you have to pay 42€ each time, just saying!)
We had our old car for 5 or so years so cant remember these, right..

Another thing I mentioned was registration document.
In Finland they comes now only as e-version, so you dont get that print with you anymore. But you must have that abroad.
Since it was pretty easy with our old car, this was something ”new” and something to forget. Again.

Well, we had previous registration document so we could have just go with that and hope they wont check the dates.
But we thought it´s better to get that since we are planing another road trip already and it´s the easiest to get or so we thought.
Jani drove after work to the nearest inspection-station.
The place was open till 6pm but their office closes at 4pm (would have been nice if they would put also that to their webpage..).
So he had to go further to get one, after waiting 30 minutes or so, he finally got that, for free.

This wasnt all, part 3 comes here.
Then we just realized our Greencard had expired.
Only few days left and Easter coming up so couldnt get it mailed in time.
Luckily Fennia has good service and office just two steps away from my office, so I went there in hurry with mandate and it literaly took less than 2 minutes & I was heading home with new 12 months greencard. Thanks!

See, pretty much every thing I told others to check, I forgot or almost forgot..
What a dummy. Seriously.

Some other things I´d like to remind; pay your tax on motor vehicles & check you take your car to the annual inspection-in time.
If taxes arent paid or you havent checked your car (as the law says here..) you can say bye,bye to your ferry.
That never happened to us (huh) but missed those inspections, twice.
First time we realized that on Father´s Day (almost 3 months late) and second time (a year later) we were in Tallinn just heading home in September and realized the due date was till the end of August.
We had our summer holiday starting the very end of August that year so that confused us- oops..
Now we have alarm for that 🙂

If you think you heard it all, there is more. Jani wanted to change our tyres before we go.
Oh yes, it was such a great weather a week before Easter, looking good and so he got them changed. I was joking it´s going to snow (as it always does) and oh well, the closer we got Easter, the worse got the weather: snow, degrees below zero- stuff like that.
The day we meant to leave it started sleeting. Forecast in Tallinn & Riga promised pretty much the same, sleet/snow and close to zero.. Damn.

It was midnight when we arrived Tallinn and it was sleeting even more.
Just outside Tallinn it turned to snowing and that was one heavy snow-storm we got ourselves into.
Luckily there were no traffic (just a lorry every now and then).
I was checking the rain map and we were once thinking if we need to pull over and find another place from for us.
Even though these tyres are middle-European there was a while I was missing our old car and stud tyres..

But suddenly that bloody snowing stopped and closer we got to Latvia, the better got the weather.So we made it there well <3
More about Riga later- just wanted to share these little "do´s and dont´s" first..

If you are planing a road trip to Europe, check my previous post – if you havent already read it/this and please follow those advices.
My lovely godchildren has mentioned they wanna be like me/us and travel a lot, but please my darlings, dont do what I did here 😀

Our passports are valid till 2020/2021 and our personal insuraces are continuing, so we are good with those, at least 😉

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