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Instagram history a la Mich in english

My Instagram history isn’t as eventful as Instagram’s own history, which I mentioned in my previous post
From Burbn to Instagram – let´s take a look to Instagrams history!,” but it’s also undergone various transformations.
Posting style, filters, hastags, image formatting, captions, commenting, my own activity have all changed in my Insta world.
I started to use Instagram  a couple of years ago even though I have had an account since 2016 ?!
I downloaded the app (I don’t even remember why) and I posted the first picture in 2017, like what ever lets try this!

My first Instagram photo was a collage of four photos from a winter vacation in the Baltics.
It has two pictures of the “must stop” beach in Latvia, a picture of Ainazi’s Neste / Hesburger and a pic of a road, Via Baltica. That photocollage has just one hastag, #latvia
It got 2 likes and 1 comment. Got to start somewhere 🙂
But let me mention that this one with the comment has stayed with me all the time, so that’s great!
Cos it feels like these days guys are starting to follow and unfollow the next day, just to get more likes / followers. It’s annoying, and those who do that gets kick of from my list quickly as well.
But let’s get back to 2017 and my first Instagram picture: here it is!

March 27, 2017 #latvia

For comparison, here is my latest post from August 2020.
It was not a photocollage but many individual pictures and a video clip about the boat trip (go and look from my IG). Slightly more spiced with captions and hastages then my first one.
Nowadays, I try to put more information about that place/location, history, tips or my own experiences in the caption. I like to see those kind of posts too.

These clicks got couple of hundred likes and about 40 comments, including my own.
I dont check my statistic much but here I did cos wanted to compare 2017 and 2020.

Back then I wasnt very active IG user, I guess I can easily say months went by and I didnt check in at all.
Now 2020, I post pictures every day (or at least I try) because there are a huge number of them to go through. Not only from this summer vacation trip to the Baltics (of which the picture above is also), but also from previous trips: winter vacation in Kaliningrad, trips to Vyborg, as well as pictures from last summer- yes, meaning summer of 2019 and so on!
I take a lot of pictures everywhere! I guess I have a picture addiction 😂

Before I had Iphone or any mobile phone I took a lot of pictures with a digital camera and before that with a film camera.
I had a camera with me everywhere. Even before the Iphone selfie belfie culture, I took self-portraits of myself, though I didn’t know their name was selfie then. I still have those printed pictures in a box.
So if someone says that (s)he invented selfies let me know😂

Filters, image editing, etc.
I didn’t use any filters at the beginning or didnt do any photo editing. And as you noticed I didnt use many hastags either.
Now I have learnt to use hastags too although I use them a lot and havent checked which are good and which are not.. I should I know, shadowbanning isnt my goal..

I wasn’t really excited about photo editing but why wouldn’t I improve it if needed / possible ?!
I compare it a bit to my makeup, everything can always be a little improved, right 😉
I don’t have the same style in every photo, or I dont use any presets, i dont want every photo looks the same, that’s boring. I edit the image if needed.

Insta stuff
As you can guess from my IG name 666places -my Insta account is dedicated to traveling.
You can find pictures of our various roadtrips in mostly Baltic and Balkan countries, where we have been travelling since 2011.
There are very few selfies and there is few photos with people in certain locations, but I prefer photos without much traffic.
I do still take selfies but dont post them often. I like to look at pictures of places, not pictures of people in those places (standing in front of some famous monument/building cheering im in Paris etc.)
I should maybe start to post more those kind of since I heard that photos with faces get 38% more likes, damn..!! 😀

I like to check IG and do post every day except on weekends because we have usually stuff to do with JP.
Before Covid- situation I went to the office every day and was browsing Insta on the bus and the coffee/lunch break was my own posting time.
Now that I work from home I try to take one decent coffee break in the morning which is my own Insta time as well.
Then I have a large coffee, set the timer and I usually open window or balcony door for fresh air too and focus on my 666places Instagram.

I have also considered setting up another account for my photos from Finland (cos there are a lot of them) and another for our Rescue dog Melli. She is oldie already but such a funny and cute dog.
I still have figure out the name for those and some time.
666places of Finland or similar maybe? Any suggestions, please help!
And for our dog: the adventures of Melli-Bulli or Princess Smelli of Vyborg and her servants 😉

Till that there is really only one photo gallery 🤜   666places  🤛
Go, visit and enjoy I hope!

Have a great weekend and let’s hope this beautiful autumn last long!!!

🍂 🍁 Mimmu 🍂 🍁



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