Hotel Holiday Suwalki, Poland – review

This is our Pit Stop in north Poland 🏎

We have stayed here many times and this is our ”pit stop” on our summerholidays.
This year we stayed 1 night on our way and 2 night when returning, because we wanted to sleep and just relax after long one day drive across Poland (Slovakia and part of Hungary too).

Location is great, if taking Friday day ferry from Finland to Estonia gets here around midnight (depending about the traffic, roadworks, accidents, weather).
Couple of years ago we took morning ferry on Saturday and we managed to get to have dinner at their restaurant.
Now we have been able to start our holiday on Friday which means the restaurant is already closed when we arrive. Luckily on our way back this year we had a chance to dine here again.
Unfortunately they dont make that shared platter anymore – that was the Best!!
One of the best meals for sure and less than 20 € 🤌

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

Holiday is located in Stary Folwark, about 10 km away from Suwalki.
I dont remember how we ended up there first time, this is ”middle of nowhere”.
Probably we just searched for cheap accommodation, because in good, old times we paid around
25-29 € /night here total (including parking).
This hotel is big, there are lots of events, weddings, parties esp. during summer weekends so it could be noisy too.
Hotel has been renovated few times, it is not any luxury place to stay at but good, comfy, has restaurant and great staff too!
So just a perfect roadtrip place to stay at for us, or if you are outdoor fan this is a good base for you too.
And it is a dogfriendly hotel!

I surprised myself few years ago by telling JP I would like to stay long weekend here and go for hiking and exploring the area more as well.
If you look at the map, you see why I wanna do that there.
Visit Wigry National Park page for more info and download tourist map to see what to do/where to go.

If you are into shopping, Suwalki Plaza is close by and it has lots of stores, places to eat at or go bowling or movies.
Couple of years ago we went GoKarting there on basement but this year didnt look for it because JP hurt his ankle, so I dont know if it is still there.
Lots of fun though cos there is not many possibilities to overtake your co-racer.
I will tell more about our trip/stay here as well later, but here are + / – about the hotel.


Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen
  • 24/7 possibility to check in
  • free parking
  • restaurant
  • Staff! We had same person at breakfast and also at dinner time and next day again, she was working long hours but never stopped smiling or complained and we felt welcome any time!! Super! People should learn from her!
  • Food at the restaurant is delicious and we try to eat there everytime we stay at the hotel.
  •  Breakfast was also great
  • Also had a great night secure guy, who didnt speak much english but was helpful again with luggages/parking etc.
  • We got bigger room than expected: room with kitchen (though there were no kitchen things at all)
  • Spacious living room/bedroom with desk and tv
  • Big comfy double bed
  • 2 free water bottles
  • Suwalki centrum and Suwalki Plaza about 10 min drive away
  • Outdoor activities
  • You can rent tandem bike or go hiking or visit the lake

  • There were lots of people so it wasnt most quiet
  • Kitchen in our room but there is nothing to cook with or plates or even a spoon
  • Room was in the corner and roof was super low, so it was hard for 1.80cm guy to pee in bathroom.

Stary Folwark 106, 16-402 Suwałki, Poland
GPS 54.078989, 23.069924

Look for your daily rate from your app or hotels Holiday webpage.

Even though they dont make those meat platters anymore, they serve delicious food and of course Zubrrr beer and good wines too!
They also have a good bar too for stonger drinks like vodka, which we wanted to have shots.
That is a mist thing in Poland, right?! 😉
Their menus are in polish but luckily there online translators nowdays so it was easy to read it too.
On breakfast there were buffet, so multiple choices; different sausages & eggs of course, veggies, fruits (watermelon, oranges, apples), different cakes/bread/cold cuts to choose from.
And coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino to start your morning the right way 😉

Few picstures from the rooms/hotel
Love those skylight windows.
Morning light on holiday isnt that irritating as it is on early morning at home – where we have dimout curtains. Here those curtains are like see-through, if you are a light sleeper I suggest you take your sleepmask with.
There are no AC in the room so we slept window open, love the fresh air but you can also hear cows moo on the morning – love that!
Last pic is their restaurant bathroom, it was so fancy!

Surrounding area
Pictures from the road there but also pictures from the lake, where we visited couple of years ago.
There is also Wigry Monastery but it was already closed when we got there.
It is such a beautiful place to visit (pics 4-6), so keep that too in your mind if travelling in the area and looking for some spots to visit.

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

Hope this was helpful!
Those pros and cons what I wrote up there are also seen on the page where most of our hotels/apartments are booked.
I try to write as much as possible and put as many details as possible to help others to decided where to stay or where not..
There has been few places I dont want to go back to, some of them are already out of business and then there are many places where I just wanna go back to – just because the hotel/apartment was so fabulous.
Hotel Holiday has been perfect for us and I really hope some day (soon) we can go there for long weekend to do those outdoor things (and of course shop a little bit)..

                                                                        ~ Mimmu ~

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