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Hey May and my birthday

Just a quick update!
I know, I know I meant and promised to do more than lil updates every now and then, but whatcha gonna do when life is so hectic..

First thing I wanna share with you guys, no I didnt find my dream job yet, although I have one interview to do, today, in twenty minutes, so wish me luck..
I have been really working every possible day, took all the shifts I was offered, 41 hrs this week.
That’s that extra job. It is tiring & stressful since I only know shifts one week ahead.
I want / need a real job, por favore 😉
Need more hours since my next big dream & goal = roadtrip with Jani this fall.. Thumbs up guys!!

But I got some others news to share!!
Mentioned on my last post about my wishes. That I wanted to go somewhere on my birthday (or either get real webpage) and dreams do come true!! Jani suprised me and we spent my birthday weekend in Latvia!! Woop, Woop!!

If you have seen my post before (or know me in person) you know that Latvia is one of my fave countries & I dont get tired of going there!! Second surprise is that we didnt go to Riga! Still love that city but it is getting too expensive and too crowded (heh, I am one of them I know but been there since 2011 so I consider that my city, lol) so went somewhere else..
Have you heard about Cesis?! If not maybe Cesu alus (beer) is more familiar to you ??

We stayed in nice, big apartment with free parking and working wifi, right in Old Town & price, many times cheaper than in Riga (tried first places there). We didnt randomly choose Cesis, we heard about it first from a guy who takes cars there, there is a  garage and their clients have stayed few days in town and liked it.
We didnt mean to fix our car now, but googled Cesis, liked how it looked and that is how we got there 🙂

Cesis, it is only about 300km’s from Tallinn, about 100km’s from Riga.  It is one of country’s oldest towns, situated in the hilly of Gauja River and it is also largest town of Gauja National Park.
Such a charming place! It is not too big, not crowded and did I say charming?!
Reminded me about Riga, how it was some years ago…

Beautiful small, old town, some shops, Rimi & Maxima markets to buy some Cesu & food, few cafe’s and restaurants, few museums and of course that old castle, lovely parks, aaaand that’s about it!!

We ended up there on Museum Night and there were concerts among the others on saturday till about 2am. It was also a nice surprise! What a great birthday!! Paldies Jānis❤️

Two nights werent enough, so yeah we are going to go back!
Am gonna tell you more about our trip there later!
Now gotta be ready for that call (and get ready for my shift at grocercy too).
C u! ??

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  • Reply TheDailySunlight 4.6.2018 at 16:57

    This is amazing. I loved the part when you said dreams do come true as it gave me hope haha. You will definitely find your dream job! 😀 & ohh Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

    • Reply Mimmu 6.6.2018 at 23:07

      Thank you for your nice comment!! And birthday wishes and for your support (Y)
      And I loved also the part you saying you got hope!! ?
      Hope your dreams (what ever they are) will come true!!
      It may take some time but keep dreaming and work for your dreams!!!

      I am still looking for my dream job (that phonecall was a disaster, huh! but I went for another interview, to another great place the next day and I have high hopes ? ), till that I will work my a** off at groceries, to get money to travel ?

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