Going to Lapland – dreams do come true!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to come and share some great travel news with you guys!!
Im going to Lapland with JP- first time in my life!
Without this blog, my blog’s Instagram and Corona (not the beer) this would have not been possible now.
Few weeks ago I got an email from PR-person working in Lapland and he wanted to talk about possible collaboration. The more we talked about this, the more I got interested.
I have never been to Lapland and things I was offered to try were right from my dreams: going to Lapland on winter, visit husky farm and going to do a husky sled ride – how could I say no to that?!
Yes, I still hate winter but always dreamed wintry Lapland trip!
Yesterday, 30.11 there were so green and nice outside here, today it was chilly and had some snow too..

I did my reserach about this company first and wanted to have things agreed on email before we went there, just in case. This was my first collaboration request ever so of course I was cautious 🙂
I didnt want to talk about this before but we are going there next weekend so stay tuned for photos and videoclips esp. on Instagram.
Timing isnt the best cos we are moving on December 12th, just a week from this Lapland visit but what the heck?! Also we have some other things happening in our lives and going for a vacation next weekend fits perfect to that.
I know it is confusing to you now but you’ll get more info later and will understand better 😉

Great beginning for December right?!
Have you ever been to Lapland and what did you do there?!
Even though im not a winter person, going to Lapland on winter has been my dream for long time.
I have posted about my dream trips and Lapland with huskies is one them.
This will also my first big roadtrip in Finland. I have been around some parts but never so North by car!
It is a long drive but hopefully it will be worth to!!
Can not wait to go there and get to share things with you too! We are going to stay there only two nights but we will have pretty active weekedn scheduled there I can tell you that so stay tuned ✌️

See u soon!!  ~ Mimmu ~

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